QOTD for June 17th by Krish Sarkar

QOTD for June 17th by Krish Sarkar #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for June 17th by Krish Sarkar.
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Here is his expanded thought …

You are everything. You are the creator and the destroyer. Everything starts with you and everything ends with you. You give us life, you bring us into this world. We owe everything to you. You are the whole universe. Everything revolves around you. You are your own empowerment and a born winner. All you need to do is just find your own power and recognize your own value. Nothing can stop you. You showed us time and again how to win. You showed us how to become a winner by defeating all odds.

This is the time for real empowerment. This is the time to celebrate your success. I have seen you as a grandmom, mother, sister, daughter, lover, and wife. In every role, you are excellent. No house is complete without you, and you are the heartbeat of every home. You and nature are ready to give always, without thinking of yourselves. God gave you a very special and kind heart. You are such a precious gift to mankind. We are really grateful to you for everything. We need to learn so much from you. We need to think and take care too.

Every role you have played inside the house is so perfect. But now the time has come where you need to think of yourself too. We are so lucky to have you inside our house, but now we need you outside the house too. It’s the right time for woman empowerment. I have no doubt for sure that you will be an amazing success in the outside world too. Every time, you have motivated us, now it’s time to motive yourself. The world is waiting to welcome you with both hands and we are waiting to salute you once more with our whole heart. You are the true winner of this whole universe.

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