IOTD for June 16th by M.D. Martin

IOTD for June 16th by M.D. Martin #WUVIP #IOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for June 16th by M.D. Martin and walk away feeling inspired! 

What is a seed but the inert expression of potential? An embryo of purpose that can lie dormant for years, even generations, under certain conditions.  All the possibilities of the seed lie beneath its protective hard shell and nothing outside the seed can force it to grow before its time or crack its shell without destroying all that it could be. But dormancy is a state of the seed, not of its environment. A seed is content to be a seed, even under optimal conditions until it the time is right for that particular seed to germinate. Some seeds need a certain amount of light, or dark. Some require a number of warm days or a period of freezing. Others must endure forest fires or floods before the hard barrier of their shell can be cracked and the potential within given the space to grow.

We are all seeds of potential and each of us unique in what brings that potential, our purpose, to life. We cannot force our awakening upon ourselves or others. Nor can we judge what brings our purpose to life without hardening the shell we are trying so hard to crack. All we need to do is to cultivate our mindful presence and patience and have faith in ourselves and others. Knowing that when the time is right, our purpose too will expand us into greater beings from a small existence.

~ M.D. Martin