QOTD for May 27th by Gina Cloud

QOTD for May 27th by Gina Cloud #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for May 27th by Gina Cloud.
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Here is her expanded thought …

There is an unconscious part of us as women that actually engages in our own exploitation. It is a form of mindlessness that we have absorbed since we were little girls. We take part in the commodification of our bodies and our sexuality with very little awareness, but when women collectively awaken to the KNOWING that our true beauty is not our physical appearance or our external beauty, and rather that which lives inside of us, that which drives our hearts and hands to create and share who we are with the world, I believe there will be a massive shift in consciousness on the planet and the real power that lives in women will awaken en masse with the potential to heal each individual woman and our entire planet as a whole. This is a power which has been suppressed by social programming, media messages, culture, religious beliefs, and biological prejudices, to pursue and exploit our physical bodies, our sexuality  and idealized beauty as our worth.

A HUGE part of this power is our AUTHENTIC sexuality. From that place, we have the power to heal and change the way men treat us. When we think so little of ourselves, our bodies, our sexuality, when we give our souls away to look good and use that looking good to seduce a man, what caliber of man could that possibly be? We aren’t asking much of that man, so he shows up in the smallest version of himself and the most unworthy version of himself to match the unworthiness we feel about ourselves. And we complain about HIM, but we are creating that reality. I advocate from a place of helping and teaching women to arrive at a perspective that will honor you, ALL of you. If every woman in the world took this stance, I believe there would be an amazing caliber of men on this planet who advocate for and support women’s power. We want better quality men but we are teaching them to expect so little, so they don’t have to step up and deliver with integrity. I see the responsibility on both sides of the equation, with both genders, but ladies, the real power is within us to change all this. But are we too busy looking in the mirror to even see our power and all that we are capable of being?

Our bodies are not our power.  They house the power within us and when we consciously remember this, WATCH OUT!! The evolution and the revolution will begin.

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