Quote for March 4th by Zoe Escher

Quote for March 4th by Zoe Escher #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Quote

In the featured Quote for March 4th by Zoe Escher, she explains how the things we need the most in this world can be the most difficult to ask for. Read her expanded thought below. 

We live in a time that is in constant change.

Companies optimize, restructure and innovate. New jobs come and others disappear. The gap between rich and poor in the world is getting bigger and bigger.

It sits in one degree or another in the populations of countries across the globe. Many are asking the question “what about me?” And many people are unsure of what the future will bring. This is expressed in several different ways.

Some choose to take the role of a victim and points fingers of other groups in the society. Some become very self-centered and think only about themselves me, me, and me. Some are in a situation where they see no other options than to leave their country on foot with the hope for a better future.

I believe deep down that all people would like to be seen and loved for who they are. In order to be seen and loved you need first and foremost to accept and embrace both the positive and negative aspects of your personality. In addition, you must also show the world who you truly are and your vulnerability.

I believe it can be really hard for many to open up because many have learned through their childhood that showing vulnerability is associated with being weak. Especially many men have also learned in their childhood that showing emotion is not considered to be particularly male.

There is only one solution if you want a life with more success, love, care and security for both yourselves and your children and that is to be the best version of yourselves no matter what situation you are in. You will also need to take full responsibility for your own life and try to make a positive difference for yourselves and others.

That is the only way that you can give this planet the love that it desperately needs.