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On Wednesday, March 8th, International Women\’s Day will be recognized by billions of people all over the world. 

The Wellness Universe Community is proud to be among those acknowledging this very special day in honor of all of the incredible women that give their all each and every day.

This year\’s theme for Women\’s Day is #BeBoldForChange. This theme is asking us to make a personal pledge to take a bold stand for one of five important topics – bias and inequality, violence, women\’s advancements, women\’s achievements, or women\’s education. What will you take a bold stand for this year, and going forward in the years to come? We want to know what Women\’s Day means to you? We\’d love to hear about your plans in the comments section underneath this article.

The Wellness Universe believes strongly in the betterment of women\’s lives. We pledge to do our part to take a bold stand in all of the 5 topics above so women can feel loved, empowered, inspired, educated, and motivated about their overall wellness and wellbeing.

We are thrilled that four special and incredibly gifted women from our Wellness Universe community volunteered to write a few paragraphs about what Women\’s Day means to them:
Express Your Essence

When I think of “Women’s Day”, a picture in my mind reveals one of women’s empowerment of where we were in yesteryears compared to where women stand today. As a baby-boomer I witnessed my mom working hard on an assembly line, to support 4 children and then the “Burning Bra” movement. I have watched women take on male roles and demeanors to fight for their position and equal rights with angry passion. I have watched other women get educated and “learn the male ropes” that propels them up the corporate ladder. I have watched the chaotic ways that women have taken on fighting for equal rights, in what has been said to be a “man’s world”. What I see and feel today is a shift from believing that it takes “man power” to overcome the imbalance of human rights, to women embracing “feminine empowerment” to lead the way to the balance of human rights.

The first Women’s Day was celebrated in 1908 and has evolved with each generation. I feel this generation is a time of awakening and understanding the role of the feminine, her strength and her powerful place in this world. Humans need both the male and female strengths to work in harmony to bring about peace in this world. “Women’s Day”, for me, is a day of unity that expands around the world. Women celebrating in many ways, with an underlying and unseen current connecting and energizing the feminine essence. It is a day of remembering the power of the feminine, the strength within every woman when she embraces her feminine worth, value, uniqueness, and all that makes her who she is in this world. It’s a day of feminine empowerment, a day to for women to embrace their powerful role as women and inspire future generations of women to do the same.

-Steffi Jo

Celebrating International Women\’s Day this year feels especially important to me. For myself and so many others, this past year has been a reminder, that while we have come such a long way, there is still so much work to do, and that it is such an important time to continue shining a light on the strength and courage of women in our society. The very idea that some still don’t believe in the value and importance of a woman’s opinion or contribution to the conversation, has created a movement, and empowered so many to stand up, and speak out for inclusion and equality for all.

While several events this past year have brought frustration and confusion, what gave me hope, was realizing that this fire I felt ignited within my spirit, was shared by so many others, and when we stepped outside to lend our voice to the cause, we were met by an inspired sisterhood, ready to hold hands, and stand together for the issues we so strongly believe in. We have felt a new calling, to be the best version of ourselves, and to be that on a large scale, for the world to see and to acknowledge the incredible value we bring to the table.

Women have courage and strength beyond measure. Their gifts should be celebrated, their voices encouraged, and their spirits, empowered. My hope and wish for all on this International Women’s Day, is that you feel empowered to be the best version of you. That you feel encouraged to stand up, and to speak out, and to believe that your voice matters. Shine as bright as you were meant to, and don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you shouldn’t, that you can’t, or that you were meant to do anything less.

-Raeanna Comstock


Women\’s Day is an opportunity for those who identify as female to think about what it means to FULLY and honestly embody all that they are. In doing so, they help others to overcome conditioning, enjoy greater self-acceptance and be an example of what it means to genuinely express oneself.

I AM often feminine in appearance, sometimes not. Aggressive, independent, helpful, empathic, outspoken, giving, high energy, kind, smart and at times argumentative. I decide who I am and how I express myself based on my inner knowing of what is true for me as an individual. My decision is not based on what is expected of me because I was born female. I refuse to conform to false standards or expectations placed upon me by commercial and misogynistic cultures. I embrace all aspects of myself with the knowledge that I was born equal in creation. I do not defend my rights to equality.

When we hold strong in all that we are, we lead the way for ALL genders to honestly live their truth and dispel illusions which lead to fear and feelings of separateness. We help to reveal the fears human beings have with female power, especially when their expressions appear different from gender norms or what feels comfortable.

To HONOR the feminine and masculine within ourselves and ALL individuals is to achieve balance. Find a greater truth. Live that truth and each of us will help to promote a more inclusive gender world.

-Estelle Bonaceto

What Woman’s Day Means to Me

For years, centuries, women have been trying to fit in with men and prove our worth. We’ve dressed like men, done masculine activities, competed with men, and changed our behavior just to fit in with them.  Patriarchy has ruled for centuries but this has only created an imbalance within our society. To create the world we envision, we must have a balance of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. There is no one sex greater than another.  When we come together and honor our own sacredness, we create the balance and harmony intended by nature.

Women’s day holds a special place in my heart.  It is the one recognized day each year where the collective consciousness celebrates women.  We can relax, let our guard down and stop the struggle to fit into a man’s world.  Woman’s day is the day we no longer keep our femininity silenced but we allow ourselves to awaken the sacredness of the Divine Feminine deep within.  It is a day we come together in Sisterhood to honor and celebrate each other as was done in the ancient traditions.  When women come together, we create the space to heal ourselves and we give each other permission to rise.  This day is the beginning of finding our authentic voice and living in our truth.  Woman’s Day is the Day of the Goddess.

Rise Goddess Rise.

– Bonnie Chase

May their words inspire you to take a bold stand in 2017 and hereafter.

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