The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Christine Stephens

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Christine Stephens

Regain control when you find yourself spinning amongst the stress and negativity life sometimes hands us. Thank you Christine Stephens for the expanded thought that lovingly guides us back to our comfort zone.

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Christine Stephens 103

It is easy to get upset with things going on around you. There might be something going on with your family or friends, with work or with the turmoil in the world from riots to wars that break out. So much going on around us every day that sometimes we get caught up in everything and start to feel overwhelmed. Before you know it – you might be taking in someone else’s emotions and feeling something that really isn’t yours.

The next time you find this happening to yourself, tap yourself on the shoulder and say – it will be ok. And then be the leader of your own emotions.

Take a step back from the situation or the feelings that are coming up. See if they really belong to you.

Find a way to ground yourself (it might be putting your bare feet on the earth or sitting at your desk, closing your eyes and taking in a few deep breaths) and hold true to your core self. Then check in with yourself and see what you are really feeling.

If the emotions and feelings are yours, then work on figuring out what your next best step would be to help you feel better.

If you realize what you are feeling is not yours, and the feelings and emotions have more to do with what is in the news or going on around you. Then send gratitude to that feeling and your awareness that it isn’t yours. Then let those feelings and emotions go. I like to envision them floating on with the clouds.

Just remember to be the leader of your own emotions and you will continue on the right path of your journey.


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