The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Joelle Hood


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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Joelle Hood

Share this with anyone you want to share a smile with! A feel good quote of the day read for your weekend. Pay it forward, kindness & your part in it all, to change a life. Thank you Joelle Hood, world changer making strides for your original quote. Her expanded thought on her feature original quote below.

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Did you know that acts of kindness don’t just affect the recipient of the kindness, and the giver of the kindness, but bystanders who witnesses the kindness? Think of how your heart warms and your eyes light up when you see someone do an act of kindness around you or even when you watch it on TV or social media… you break out into a smile and your mood shifts to the positive simply from observing kindness in action.

This world can be a challenging place, and our brains tend to latch on to the negative events rather than the positive. People can find themselves feeling discouraged and disheartened and their spirits darkened. When YOU choose to do an act of kindness for another, your compassion and generosity causes a chain reaction of hearts lighting up, a domino effect of positive energy. It only takes a moment, but it can change lives, change a community, change our world.

Kindness matters. Make kindness contagious.

Join us at FB/Hood’s Kindness Revolution Experiment


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