The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Josee Ouellet

quote of the day SaturdayThe Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Josee Ouellet

Love and support through kindness, patience and a helping hand. Thank you Josee for this reminder. Quote of the day and expanded thought by Josee Ouellet.

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Imagine an elderly person crossing the street, very slowly. What can we do to help this person? You can criticize, honk or shout out; this person is not going to go faster, you are likely to just frighten him/her. Nobody wins in this situation. We cannot motivate a person with negative criticisms. An employer cannot motivate an employee with emphasis on the mistakes and weaknesses of that employee.

In helping each other and positive reinforcement, we all win. Raising self-esteem, expediency and better output. It is our individual choice to lend a helping hand for the good of all. We have the power to build or destroy with our words, our thoughts and our actions. Time does not change, it\’s how we use our time that determines the result.

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