The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Jenny Tasker

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Jenny Tasker

Quote of the day for Friday leaves us with positive inspiration to move into our weekend. Do you really want happiness, inner peace? Jenny Tasker unlocks the secret many of us seek. Read her expanded thought on her feature quote of the day for The Wellness Universe.

Jenny T WU 56

Control can be a \’Weapon of Mass Destruction\’ or the \’Driving Force\’ behind your very Being.

Don\’t Waste your Powerful Energy allowing all these uncontrollable situations you encounter throughout your day to be carried by you.  

We all encounter these \’Control Issues\’ uttered phrases like, “Why are you doing this to me?”, “You made me this way!”, and “Your Behavior is Unacceptable!”.

How another person reacts, speaks, evolves, is not ours to control, it belongs to them. How we allow it to affect us however, is where our focus needs to lie. Each of us needs to go on our own journey, making countless mistakes, learning and evolving from them.

It is not our place to judge or tell another how to react, speak, or travel their journey. We are all at different levels of evolvement and we all have the same destination of becoming Love. Any attempts to quicken the process, or save heartache by jumping on the control train is a pointless waste of your beautiful energy, as we are all completely \’Unique\’ and must learn \’Our way\’ in our time, what is right for one is not right for another.

It\’s Not Yours to Carry, just because someone is angry doesn\’t mean you need to make them happy, just because someone is Rude, doesn\’t mean you need to tell them to be Polite, you only need to focus on \’Own\’ Words, Reactions, and Truth, focus on you first!

When you remove control and \’Be\’ in the moment you are honoring not only yourself but the Souls you encounter.

Let any \’Negative or Uncontrollable Energy\’ bounce around you but not through you, do not allow it to be carried by you if it cannot be controlled by you. When all else fails it is always okay to walk away. This is your journey and only you can nourish and evolve your Soul!  

When you practice this incredible sense of being, living \’Moment by Moment\’ you are \’Controlling your Truth\’ and your destiny. Your energy is now focused on only what is yours, finally gifting yourself the \’Simplicity of Inner Peace & true Eternal Happiness.

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