Rosemary Levesque Chapter Reading – 25 Tools for Goddesses

woman with Tibetian sound bowls

Rosemary Levesque reads Chapter 16: Beyond Words – Feel Instantly Empowered Through Sound from the #1 best-selling book in several categories on Amazon The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses. Listen and watch the video below as she reads it!

This excerpt from her reading shares how powerful sound therapy is for healing on all levels including physical issues.

“Sound is wordless, vibrating energy that creates and animates all matter. Sound resonates with and awakens the Divine in all forms. From Fibonacci spirals in sunflowers and snail shells to hexagonal patterns in snowflakes and quartz crystals, all patterns come from specific sound frequencies influencing physical form.

Though I was never trained as a musician, I deeply enjoyed choir, harmony, and the feeling of strength that came through my voice. My interest in using sound for healing began with listening to gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, and tuning forks. Unlike loud sounds coming through speakers at a concert, pure-tone frequencies in subtle volume feel powerfully cleansing, liberating, releasing, or spiritually enlightening and empowering, depending on the frequency of the sound and your own state of receptivity.

For many years I tolerated a small cyst under my right eye. When it appeared to increase in size, I began to employ natural healing methods from my toolkit, such as essential oils, clay, or abrasion. Nothing worked until I began giving myself sound facials. I used the vibrating stems of two weighted body tuners to gently massage my face, pausing on acupressure points and made sure I applied the vibrating sound frequency directly to the cyst. Within days, the sebaceous cyst I endured for years was gone. In addition, my face looked more youthful with fewer wrinkles.

Sound provides more than physical healing. It works on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well. More importantly, from my point of view, Spirit communicates with me through the entrainment of sound from activated tuning forks in the etheric field of the body.”

Watch and listen to the video below and see Rosemary demonstrate the tuning forks she uses to help her clients experience sound healing therapy.

About the book:

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Goddesses Amazon #1 Best Seller in 6 categories features stories and tools from healers, guides, teachers, and wellness professionals around the world to support us to live in our unique Goddess energy.

25 dedicated Wellness Universe experts come together to help you live a life of well-being, confidence, balance, and betterment in this powerful collaboration.

The collective wisdom, expertise, and passion contained in the pages of this book is beyond what you can imagine. With the power of their authentic stories and the master teaching of their tools, what you have in your hands supports you to live in your unique Goddess energy from a foundational, whole-person approach.

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*Originally published on February 19, 2022.

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