Sabotaging Our Success: How to Achieve Success Now

Sabotaging Our Success: How to Achieve Success Now by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #Sabotaging

We have a burning desire to have a wonderful relationship, successful career, wonderful life, yet whether it’s a tiny daily habit like procrastination or a complete and intentional action, we sabotage our success.

Many of us have done it.

Fear of Success Or Fear of Failure?

Whether we chose or not to admit it, we have fears. With success comes responsibilities and with those responsibilities come more. Will we have to live up to an expectation we can’t? Will we have to step outside our comfort zone? Will we be expected to learn something new? Will we be able to afford what’s coming? Will we have the wisdom, confidence, wherewithal, etc. to take on the dream?

Fears. All fears swirl around in our head. These fears lead to either a charge of excitement for the unknown and feeling that you have what it takes to fulfill your end of the bargain to make a success of your dreams, or do you run in the opposite direction with cold feet?

Sabotaging our success is common and nothing to be ashamed of.

Some may think this is a fear of failure when it is, in actuality, a fear of success. Crazy, right?! But it’s true. If we take a deep dive into what we are doing to keep ourselves from taking steps toward success, it may not be failure that we fear.

Many of us fear the unknown and the more real something becomes, the heaviness of the responsibility sets in. Do you freeze? Do you run away? Do you avoid?

Diving into Self-Sabotage:

“I get a lot of raised eyebrows when I say: Most people think of self-demolition as fear of success. But deep down, despair over achievements isn’t truly a fear of ambition and your own worth — it’s a fear of trying one’s best and not succeeding, of being let down and publicly humiliated as we worry that our best might not be good enough.” Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D., Psychology Today

The Wellness Universe feels this is a hot topic we must pull out of the closet and address!

On March 13th, we will introduce you to four Wellness Universe Experts who have advice for you. You are welcome to join in on the live interactive conversation. Grab a seat now! It’s free and our experts have over $600 in gifts to help support your journey to success, empowerment, and clarity, so you can live your best life.

Our Experts Share Insights About Self-Sabotage:

Dr. Patrick Williams, EdD, MCC, BCC, Adventurer, Life and Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker. Also known as \’Indiana Jones of the Interior,\’ Executive Coach (HP, IBM, Kodak), Philanthropist, and Educator.

Dr. Pat shares about self-sabotage: “One of the key lessons in optimal living and avoiding self-sabotage is to fully understand that every experience is a good experience… eventually. We face much uncertainty in life even if we plan well and whether you choose change or change chooses you, eventually, the results are a lesson in the experience we call Life.”

Dr. Patrick Williams

Gus Southey, A certified \’Law of Attraction\’ Coach. Gus uses Energy Healing to guide his clients to their pathway towards a life of well-being and success. This involves removing past negative beliefs and conditioning to manifest healthy and abundant living. His coaching motto is:“We don\’t face reality, we create our own reality.”

Gus shares about self-sabotage: “Self-sabotage is a consequence of fear, and fear is so interwoven into the fabric of our society we hardly notice it anymore. Ironically, fear itself is just an illusion created by our minds and we’ve become obsessed with fabricating our own sabotage from it. Isn’t it time to wake up from the delusion and start living your ultimate reality now?”

Gus Southey

Jennifer Gardner Whitacre, BA, MA, LMT, NMT, Empowerment Strategist. Jennifer hosts \’Yes, And… Podcast\’ “My goal is to teach you to feel confident in using my skills for yourself because that\’s where true empowerment lies.” Through Somatic Experiencing, Compassionate Inquiry, Myofascial Release Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Subtle Energy/Therapeutic Touch, and more modalities, Jennifer helps clients to live a better life.

Jennifer shares about self-sabotage: “Self-sabotage stems from a disconnect between you and your higher self. Discover what created that disconnect in the first place, reconnect with your higher self, and your self-sabotaging patterns will dissipate.”

Jennifer Gardner Whitacre

Dr. Sidney Cohen, Ph.D., is a full-time clinical psychologist with a high-volume private practice specializing in the treatment of a wide variety of psychological disorders. In addition, he is an author, speaker, and the host of \’The Dr. Sid Show.\’ He is the founder of Dr. Sid Speaks, an online platform featuring free resources for clients battling self-sabotage in their personal and professional life and relationships. Dr. Sid has authored two cornerstone books on self-sabotage: Your Self-Sabotaging Inner Bully and Inner Blocks to Losing Weight.

Dr. Sid shares about self-sabotage: “When I use the term self-sabotage, I’m referring to both self-sabotaging thinking (especially excessive self-criticism and self-doubt) and self-sabotaging actions. The latter can occur on the job (e.g., habitual lateness), in personal relationships (e.g., engaging in infidelity), or completing important projects (e.g., procrastination). In the framework presented in my book on self-sabotage, the subconscious “villain” behind self-sabotage is named the “inner bully.”

Dr. Sidney Cohen

Evaluating and addressing the root issues and fears we have around success that lead to self-sabotage is essential to tackling it head-on and stop self-sabotaging.

Joy, fulfillment and sharing your greatest gifts with the world is what you are here to do. Inspiring others and motivating them through your achievements are additional rewards reaped when you are enjoying success at the highest level. Let’s not forget personal satisfaction, confidence, and experiencing a positive outlook on life! These are yet more benefits to achieving success.

What are you waiting for? Join us for the live, interactive conversation and get tips from our experts on how to end self-sabotage and start enjoying more success in life.

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