Scorpio New Moon: Transform Your Life and Relationships

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If there was ever a zodiac sign whose true colors shine through, it’s Scorpio because it’s just so intense and charismatic.

It’s actually a little ironic that Scorpios are so identifiable since they can also be really private and secretive… I think that only adds to their allure. You’ve heard the phrase, “still waters run deep”? Well, that’s Scorpio to a T. If you know someone with lots of Scorpio energy, they’re usually pretty multi-layered, which can give them an air of mystery; they draw you in with their personal magnetism.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, who was the Roman god of the underworld, and you know he was no lightweight. No surprise, then, that Halloween, otherwise known as the Day of the Dead in many cultures, falls during the Scorpio season which runs from October 22nd until November 21st. And when both the Sun and the Moon meet in Scorpio on the New Moon on November 15th, you’ve got a perfect recipe for deep soul-diving.

Understanding Scorpio’s Depths

The “underworld” is a powerful metaphor for our personal subconscious and pulls us to examine our innermost feelings, urges, and psychological make-up. The fact that Scorpio is a water sign just deepens that exploration. You can see why Scorpio is sometimes called the detective of the zodiac.

It also explains Scorpio’s urge for transformation, self-mastery and empowerment, as well as meaningful, intimate connection with others. And what’s the most intimate way for you to relate to someone? Through sex, of course! Then, when you tap into the sexual energy of Scorpio, you can’t help but address issues of control, power and manipulation. See what I mean by intense and complex?

So, how do you use this powerful energy for the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio to deepen your relationships?

With “deep and intense” as our keywords, you can go in lots of directions to find activities and environments that capture the transformative Scorpio energy.

Here Are 6 Ways to Transform Your Relationships with the Scorpio New Moon Energy:

  1. Explore Your Ancestral History

With the universal “Day of the Dead” celebrations around the world this month to honor the ancestors, you’ve got a personal cosmic nudge to explore your own.

Researching (a favorite Scorpio pastime) your family tree through is all the rage now, but it can also reveal powerful information about your lineage. Light a candle to those past relations and contemplate what your own legacy will be going forward.

  1. Repair, Replace, or Recycle Some Favorite Broken Things

One of Scorpio’s symbols is the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes, and you can capture that transformative energy in some very practical ways.

Maybe it’s time to finally get your grandmother’s Tiffany lamp repaired. Or what about that living room rug that’s been an eyesore for way too long? Is your closet filled with clothes you never wear? Make a trip to the nearest second-hand store. Then watch to see what interesting new things flow into that open space!

  1. Visit A Therapist or Counselor

Talk about deep soul-diving. Sharing your fears, your secrets, and regrets can be terrifying, but with an experienced guide, it can help you unearth the origins of those self-limiting beliefs and old patterns that have held you back. And doing it with a partner can take you both to a whole new level of intimacy.

Either way, in true Scorpio spirit, you’ll be ripe to transform all areas of your life. Scorpio may love mucking around in the underworld (i.e. your subconscious) but it also relishes the profound wisdom that lies there, waiting to be discovered.

  1. Explore Astrology, Tarot, or Some Other Form of Divination

These ancient symbol systems offer another pathway into the deep unconscious. Even the famous psychologist Carl Jung recognized these tools as depicting archetypes of transformation (how Scorpionic!), like those he found in myths and dreams.

Schedule a consultation with an astrologer or start to study it on your own. And there are hundreds of divination decks out there – just walk into any bookstore (or browse online) and let your intuition guide you!

  1. Embrace the Scorpio New Moon’s Watery Energy… Literally!

If you want to combine some of that deep soul-searching on your own with a little water magic, ease into a yummy bath with a few drops of sensual ylang ylang essential oil.

Surround yourself with lots of candles and chrysanthemum blooms (Scorpio’s flower) and maybe play Handel’s “Water Music.” Reflect on a passion that you’ve missed in your life. Painting? Dancing? Gardening? How can you resurrect it?

  1. Plan A Romantic Date Night with Yourself or A Partner

You could start with that sensual bath, though it’s also a great way to end the night with your sweetie! Then find your most sultry outfit and plan for a “night out,” even if it’s in the intimacy of your own home due to pandemic restrictions.

Create a meal that includes spicy, intense flavors that feed the Scorpio palate. Two simple ones are salsa and ginger beer. Or there is Roquefort cheese and Campari, one of my personal favorites. After dinner, pick some sexy music to dance to (Marvin Gaye is always a great choice) and cap off the evening with some passionate lovemaking, either with yourself or a partner!

There are so many directions to go when you’re playing with New Moon energy, and Scorpio’s brand of lunar love magic is especially powerful to dive even deeper into your relationships, both with yourself and with a partner.

Whatever you do, create a yummy, supportive environment and embrace the journey!

– Deborah

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