Seeking Serenity: The Journey to Managing Life

How have you been handling the pandemic, lockdowns, isolation, homeschooling, mental health issues, racial injustice, civil unrest, political discord, and families disagreeing over all the above?

Holy moly! It is a lot to handle! Living in chronic fight-flight-freeze taxes your immune system and makes you more susceptible to illness. How is your emotional well-being? Physical health? Peace of mind?

The past year has tapped reservoirs of serenity for many of us. Are you and your loved ones feeling stretched to the limit?

When I wrote my first book, Seeking Serenity in 2017, I wrote about the life changing tools I had used to add value to my life and enhance my inner well-being. I didn\’t know how timely the book would become. The past year’s challenges have added stress and tension to the lives of my friends, relatives, clients, and now maybe to your life as well.

The tools I outlined in Seeking Serenity offer great strategies to help cope with the current stressors. Over the coming months, I\’m going to share excerpts from chapters of Seeking Serenity in the WU Blog. I hope these insights will bless you with well-being and help you navigate the changes occurring in our current lives with more grace.

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Part 1 – The Awareness Journey

Chapter 1 – The Journey to Managing Life

When you align body, emotions, mind, and spirit altogether,
as Elizabeth Gilbert says, Big Magic happens!

Physical Body Awareness 

Your physical body serves as the anchor for your emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. Gaining awareness of stress in your body is the first step to finding your inner calm. Learning simple techniques to process emotions in your body will help you stay centered and grounded. When you are not fully present in your body, your mind messes with you, which creates more problems. Your physical body serves as a vehicle for your spirit and is your foundation.

Emotional Intelligence 

Your emotions guide and inform you. They are a powerful indicator of the direction you are headed in, either toward what you desire or away from your desire. Learning to reframe your emotional story gives you more power and authority over this story of your life, which reduces anxiety and increases your confidence.


Don\’t believe everything you think. Becoming aware of your thoughts brings you peace as you notice an unkind mind railroading you off track. When you give your mind a focus other than thinking, you give yourself a respite, which is a simple way to de-stress.

Spiritual Awareness 

When you become aware that you are connected to all of life, you can plug into the eternal infinite Source of Divine Love like you plug a lamp into an electrical socket. With that level of awareness and connection to your inner power source, you can efficiently recharge your batteries and not feel depleted by the challenges of life.

A Guidebook

Seeking Serenity is a guidebook for helping you manage the ups and downs of life with grace, ease, joy, and glory. Serenity is your natural, state of inner calm and well-being that you can access when you look for it. Each of the chapters will look at a powerful tool in four areas of awareness, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual with proven benefits to manage stress, increase inner peace and enhance your joyful experience of life.

One of my teachers told us that personal mastery is not that you never fall off the wagon, never become anxious, or never get overwhelmed. Aligning body, emotions, mind, and spirit is a lifelong journey. A measure of personal mastery becomes when you lose your serenity (which you will), how quickly do you come back to center and regain serenity?

In reading these chapters and practicing the exercises regularly, you will learn ways to access your innate serenity within by tuning into your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It took me a while to develop strong spiritual core muscles. This is the guidebook that I would have liked to have had 40 years ago.

Coming Up

In the coming months, I will share four of eight tools from Seeking Serenity for enhancing physical body awareness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and spiritual awareness.

In next month’s chapter of Seeking Serenity: How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy, I will share Chapter 2, My Personal Journey of Transformation which began when I did not die in a car accident.


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