Soul Guidance from your Akashic Records: Heal Unresolved Trauma through the Akashic Records

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We all walk around with varying degrees of trauma in our current lives, which may be amplified by past life trauma. These events have an impact on the way we navigate our world and relationships. It’s time to take charge of what’s not working well in your life and allow the Akashic Masters to share with you how to heal those past life experiences and create the life you want this time around.

Mainstream doesn’t always mean better

The word trauma is now in the mainstream vernacular. At one point it was used mostly in medical circles to refer to injuries and the subsequent impact on the body. Over the last couple of decades, the term has been expanded to include the psychological repercussions of loss and abuse. This has freed many to be more open about any trauma they’ve experienced and how it’s affected them.

The boomerang of this openness is that discussing it has become so commonplace that some feel they can’t compete with the horrible things people have been through and instead, choose to remain silent about their own stories. Others have gone full bore, sharing intimate details, even on social media, no matter how uncomfortable it may make others.

You get to choose what’s best for you

As with everything in life, only you can decide the road that’s best for you on any matter. From career and relationships to finances and health, the experience of trauma is now on that list. So how do you deal with it?

In spite of the cultural trend to openly discuss trauma, sometimes with a competitive undertone of “my trauma is bigger than yours,” which validates suffering and the behavior that can accompany it, the bottom line remains:

If you’ve experienced trauma, healing from it will improve your life.

A new way to deal with trauma

There are myriad ways to address this complex experience. One way many people don’t utilize is the Akashic Records. The past lives we’ve lived can create ripples in our lives that if left unattended, can gather into waves.

MaryBeth was drawn to being a nurse. This was due in large part to her being the only witness to an accident her brother had as a boy. He had climbed up into a tree but lost his footing and plummeted nearly twenty feet. She was only ten and didn’t know how to help him or deal with the pain he was in from what they later found out was a broken leg.

“It was very traumatic,” she told me. “Running back to the house to tell my mom. Holding his hand while he cried. It really affected me. It’s why I became a nurse.” What she didn’t realize was there were experiences from a past life that drew her to nursing, pulling her to heal the trauma of bearing witness to someone in pain.

Interesting revelation from the Akashic Masters

MaryBeth had done a lot of work in therapy about her brother’s accident. “There’s got to be something else,” she admitted to me. “I just feel so unsettled. Do you think it could be something from a past life?”

We consulted the Akashic Records and discovered that in another life MaryBeth had been involved in a terrible war. Although she had no training, she was asked to help the injured soldiers who far outnumbered the people trained to tend to their medical needs.

She helped many of them make their transitions and told their family members after they’d passed. She sat with young men in great pain while they waited for help. After the war ended, she was never the same.

The trauma had an enormous impact. MaryBeth chose to live by herself and died not long after the conflict was resolved. We asked the Akashic Masters how she could heal this trauma. There was no direct answer, as there often isn’t, but the next step was clear. She needed to take some time away from work.

Change can be the best next step

Six months after our session, MaryBeth reached out to me to tell me she had decided to leave nursing. “I really think I was attracted to that career to bring all of this up so I could let it go,” she said. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do next, but I feel such contentment inside. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

Not everyone needs to make such a large change to heal their past life trauma. But MaryBeth was willing to do what was necessary in order to release the impact and find peace within. It’s been several years since that session. Since then, MaryBeth earned her Master’s in Public Health and has combined that with her nursing skills to become a community health educator.

Choose healing

If you’re feeling the shadows of trauma and have explored traditional therapy and other modalities that haven’t resolved it for you, perhaps asking the Akashic Masters for guidance can offer some relief. You can take the first step with this free meditation and connect to the history and experiences that could be affecting your life now.

Whatever you decide to do, choose healing and trust that you’ll be guided to the best next steps to fulfill your intention.

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