Top 7 Supplements for Men and Women 50+

My expertise is mastering emotions. Today, I’m sharing my experience with supplements.

I am now in my 77th year, which I share to set the stage for telling you my non-medical experience with supplements. Some supplements that are highly effective, I’ve discovered are not well known. I’m sharing what I take and what they do for me, it’s not medical advice.

The past three years I’ve lived and traveled full-time in my RV in the US and Canada, visiting 30 US States and four Canadian provinces, accompanied by my Maltipoo dog, Pi. I e-meet regularly with coaching clients and have written and published my first full-length book (Emotions in Motion—visit, and my second one on ending manipulation is nearly written.

For a year of that time I had a small breast cancer, which I treated alternatively, using Qi Gong, supplements, and eating a raw diet, in addition to following the emotional mastery practices I teach and advocate (no fear). At the end of my year of healing experimentation, I had the half-inch tumor surgically removed. It didn’t disappear, but it also had not grown the expected two to four percent. I have a slight hearing loss and stenosis of my cervical spine, both of which are being successfully addressed. Overall, I’m incredibly energetic and healthy and am enjoying my life.

As a single parent years ago, I focused on alternative healing because I could not afford medical insurance. I healed cases of cystitis, colds, and the flu, and had one natural and one home birth (assisted by a midwife). I used supplements, Bach Flower Remedies, and balanced my minerals. I aimed to prevent the development of illness in me and my children and to clear up every illness as fast as possible.

The seven supplements I share here have been helpful to me as I’ve gotten older.

FYI, I’ve not taken a wide-spectrum antibiotic for 38+ years and have never had a flu shot. Personal choices. If you choose to experiment, try a supplement for three months, then stop taking it. Watch a week or two for what you feel and what happens. Continue taking, depending on what’s discovered.

  1. Golden Seal Powder (Two 400 mg capsules, four times a day, limit five or six days)

I know Golden Seal as a blood purifier. At the first sign of a cold or flu (vital for success), take two capsules with meals and at bedtime. Four times per day, I take two capsules, accompanied by a timed-release multi-vitamin and mineral tablet each morning and bedtime. Combine with listening to your body. Don’t use if pregnant or nursing. After years of this, I start feeling better half-hour after taking a dosage, and am able to heal a cold or flu, rather than just masking symptoms.

  1. Phosphatidylserine Complex (Two 100 mg capsules per day, with meals)

Forget Ginko Biloba; it’s never worked for me. My memory was sketchy at age 30, but it’s terrific today, after taking it since 1998. The phosphatidyls play a big part in maintaining the chemical “soup” needed to help brain impulses jump from one neuron to another. Internal production begins to falter at age 25. Check Stanford University’s report online. Some Alzheimer’s patients have improved when given PC. If you can remember its name, and especially if you can spell it from memory, it proves that Phosphatidylserine Complex works! After three months check: Do you experience any difference? This substance was once derived from cow brains (think mad cow disease!) but today is sunflower-derived.

  1. Turmeric and Curcumin (One 300 mg capsule daily)

This root spice, associated with Ayurvedic medicine from India, is reputed to do many things, maintains gut flora, antiseptic, detoxes the liver, increases bile flow, manages blood sugar and cardiovascular issues, anti-inflammatory, arthritis management, and possibly prevents and or heals cancer, due to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin (a primary ingredient of Turmeric). I used it for breast cancer. Best taken with high-quality fat, (coconut oil), and is greatly enhanced combined with black pepper.

  1. MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) (One 1000 mg capsule 1-3x per day)

For 8+ years, I had a deep pain in my shoulder from injury when my dog ran full-tilt out to the full length of her 25 foot leash! The injury had healed, but the area of healing had hardened. MSM removed the pain forever after only three days, three-and-a-half years ago. It’s a form of sulfur and an antioxidant. My chiropractor told me 50% of people cannot tolerate this supplement, so check with your doctor before taking! I’m happy to find something that helps with joint issues, better than chondroitin, IMHO.

  1. Lutein (One 20 mg capsule per day)

I can still read a newspaper or magazine without glasses, and am not required to wear glasses when driving. Twenty plus years of Lutein. I was also diagnosed with cataracts (at 2++ in 2014), which have not grown since I upped the dosage from 10 to 20 mg per day. I do wear glasses, but the rate of decline of my eyes has really slowed.

  1. Organically Bound Minerals (One 200 mg tablet per meal)

Know what causes us to turn gray? A loss of minerals! A chiropractor suggested this product (from Standard Process, available on Amazon). My recent bone density test showed an infinitesimal amount of bone loss at the top of one femur, revealing my bone density is far better than most women my age. Consider!

  1. Collagen (Follow directions on liquid or powder you purchase, once per day)

A few years back, every time I stood and straightened up, my spine made deep thumping noises as the bones failed to glide over each other properly (now healed)! I discovered we start losing collagen early in life, too, and began taking a daily dose to improve my back. Since, I noticed my fingernails, hair, and skin texture also improved! Be sure to look for very complete collagen supplements.

Combine your supplements with a positive attitude, master emotions, and go forth for years of health and vibrancy!


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