A Visualization for Shifting Your Energy Field

A Visualization for Shifting Your Energy Field by Joy Andreasen #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #EnergyField

Every one of us has commented at one time or another, “I just don’t have any energy today.” Or “my energy is depleted” or even, “I feel energetic today!” What makes us feel like we can run a marathon one day and the next day make us want to stay in bed all day?

Energy is the stuff of life.

It is what makes us alive. In Chinese, it is called “chi”, in Japanese “ki” and Indian “prana.” Energy makes our heart beat. It is what makes us alive.

There are a lot of factors that attribute to our overall state of wellbeing. Outside of ourselves, our environment, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the beverages we drink, what is known as “mass consciousness” or the overall mentality of the people around us, what is happening in the stars and planets, our age, our weight, and many other factors determine our overall feeling of wellbeing we often call “energy.” Inside of ourselves, our “energy” is affected by our moods, our hormones, our thoughts and emotions, how we are handling our relationships with others, and the amount of our “life force” that is in our bodies.

Many times, we allow ourselves to be affected by any one or a combination of these factors so that from day to day, and even sometimes from moment to moment, our energy shifts up and down like the shifting of the winds. However, we can shift our energy from one of depletion to one of wellbeing and self-empowerment! All it takes is practice and determination!

The following is a visualization you can do to shift your energy field.

This is only one of several ways to align your soul with more of a sense of wellbeing. If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Imagine that you are standing in a natural setting. Decide beforehand that what you see in your visualization is a clue to your overall sense of wellbeing.

As you create in your mind an experience of standing in a natural setting, look around you. Notice the state of affairs in the place you have imagined. Is it daytime or nighttime? Is it spring, fall, summer or winter? What details do you notice around you?

Imagine that in the middle of this natural environment there is a path that is leading up. It could be going up a hill, through the woods, or you could see a staircase.

Now visualize yourself beginning to follow the path up the hill or through the woods. If you are aware of the factors that have created your current experience of depleted energy, imagine those factors staying behind in the place where you started. You could even imagine yourself carrying a heavy backpack containing all of the worries of the day, and then picture taking off the backpack and leaving it behind. Immediately you feel lighter and more vibrant!

As you move up the path, do a little self-inventory. Do you have rocks in your pockets that are weighing you down? Imagine yourself emptying your pockets of all that is in there. Notice what is in your pockets!

Is it a picture of a loved one? Even though a photograph does not weigh much, the emotional energy of that relationship may be affecting your energy! It is okay to lay down the photo. It is okay to lay down change in your pocket, representing money and finances. It is okay to lay down keys, representing various locks that you may have created to hide or protect things you fear may be stolen or lost. On your journey up the path, take notice of various items that present themselves to you. Fears and worries over various aspects of your life may come up to be discarded or perhaps given to your angels or benevolent helpers.

When we carry various items around in our energy field, we are weighed down by the worry and concern of those items.

It may be an event from your past. It may be fear of the future. It could be a health concern. Allow your visualization to reveal to you what you are carrying around in your energy field that is affecting your overall feeling of wellbeing.

Sometimes just the thought of letting go of something that is weighing us down or holding us back is a stress factor in itself. Give yourself permission to lay it down just for today. You can go back and pick it back up later if you desire. This does not mean you don’t have to tackle tough issues. This is meant to give you a breather.

If you like, you can take one of those items that you found in your pocket, hold it in your hand, and imagine the best possible outcome scenario. What would it feel like if that issue resolved itself? How would it feel? What would it look like? Sit with that feeling for a moment. Maybe you want to imagine giving the issue to a very wise, benevolent spirit helper or angel.

Now notice that you are at the top of a mountain or some high spot in nature. You have traveled up the path and have laid down all those factors weighing you down. Notice the feeling of freedom. Notice the joy welling up inside your soul. Even the air feels lighter!

From this point high up in your energy field, you are empowered.

You are in a better position to tackle those tough issues. You might say something like. “I feel wonderful! I always make the right choices and handle my life decisions in the best way. I am supported and loved. I am in complete alignment with my highest good.”

If you need help to work with you and help you resolve some tough issues, you can contact me at www.whispersofjoy.net.

Go forth with joy!


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