The Angels\’ Help: How Archangel Jophiel can bring joy into your life

Have you ever thought that fears are thoughts and not feelings, although one might think fears and worries are attributed to human emotions? Fears are created in the mind, they are the product of former experiences and observations, but also projections from the outside, such as worries, warnings, negative reports, and stories. If you strongly resonate with these thoughts and information, they can develop into negative feelings. Therefore, it is important to control one’s thoughts from time to time, to practise ‘thought hygiene’ to counteract emerging fears and worries. Archangel Jophiel helps you do this with lightness.

His energy is closely connected with too much thinking, too many doubts about whether angels and Ascended Masters and the spiritual world on the whole actually exist. Archangel Jophiel also looks after those people who are suffering from depressions and resignation. He helps them regain their lightness and joy for life. Jophiel’s name means ‘beauty of God’ and ‘God is my truth’, his angelic ray and his angel symbol are orange. To connect closely with him, you can use the affirmation: “I go through life with joy.”

The most important aspects of Archangel Jophiel’s comprehensive sphere of action are inner wisdom, ‘docking on’ to old knowledge of former incarnations, serenity, and joy, the lightness of being, remembering one’s own inner light, discovering and developing the wisdom of the heart – investigating the background and causes of fear and depression, more feeling, less thinking, and psychic abilities.

Archangel Jophiel can also be helpful with heaviness of thoughts, pure devotion to science, lack of motivation, misery, being too rooted in the intellect, fears, panic, and depression.

With the help of Archangel Jophiel, you can recognize and change the following blockades or behavior patterns, such as

  • mental lethargy
  • strong self-doubt
  • joylessness / phlegm
  • fear / confusion
  • listlessness / frustration

Archangel Jophiel can also be helpful to

  • enjoy cheerfulness and liveliness
  • live according to the inner wisdom
  • develop spiritually
  • feel joy / cheerfulness / gratitude
  • abandon old views

Short Message from Archangel Jophiel:

“If I would advise you now, that you should take your life more lightly, you would look at me with amazement. Many of you have grown up with the idea, that you can’t gain anything without struggle and fight. These attributes have become ideals engraved in your thinking. These values, which cost you joy, lightness, and liveliness, often lead you into illnesses, described as apathy, resignation, or depression. As long as you only trust in things you can understand with your rational thinking, which you can scientifically prove and measure with technical appliances, you will not be able to discover and live your spirituality. And this restricts your life from a fulfilling and luck-bringing aspect.”

Archangel Jophiel’s energy is also available as an Angel Aura Essence that works on the chakras and subtle bodies:

  •  in correlation to the etheric body: head, brain
  •  in correlation to the mental body: positive thinking
  •  in correlation to the emotional body: feeling joy and happiness
  •  on correlation to the spiritual body: spiritual wisdom

And now, take your time, relax, and listen to my Archangel-Jophiel-mediation. Enjoy!

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