The Gift of Achievement

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Life is filled with endless possibilities. Is 2022 finally the year that you will achieve your dreams? Do you know someone that needs a little boost, direction, or cheering on to help them to reach their potential and experience a better life?

Here are just 10 benefits of how setting goals and achieving them contribute to a better life experience:

  1. Builds Confidence
  2. Creates More Opportunities
  3. Opens Up Social Circles
  4. Provides Direction
  5. Solidifies Plans
  6. Increases Financial Stability
  7. Motivates You
  8. Personal Satisfaction
  9. Give You a Sense of Purpose
  10. You Inspire Others

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools to Achieve Anything is the top guide for you to achieve anything. Filled with inspirational stories and 25 tools for self-care (where all success begins), 25 world-renowned healers, teachers, coaches, and guides have shared their best tools for mind, body, and spiritual well-being, empowering you and those you gift this book to, with what they need to make their dreams a reality.

This is the perfect gift for so many reasons. Those who receive this book will find at least one story and practice that can change their life. Get one for everyone on your list! It’s the perfect gift for:

  • Gift for hard to shop for
  • Gift for a college student
  • Gift for the entrepreneur
  • Gift for him
  • Gift for her
  • Gift for those seeking purpose
  • Stocking stuffer
  • Teacher’s gift
  • And anyone breathing!

can be read here. We highlight just two:

Albert F. Ziobro, M.D.

5.0 out of 5 stars What we all need to NO

In this latest volume addressing the ever-critical topic of Self-Care, I was drawn to the various authors\’ personal reflections on their personal quests to foster a balanced and positive attitude to cope with living better in this often complex world. The book is replete with suggestions spanning the spectrum from diet to time management to that all-important notion of attitude adjustment. Each author, in a forthright and understandable way, offers simple fine-tuning advice for adjusting our whole beings to be healthier, more relaxed, and motivated to see and experience the best of life. As a physician, I was especially drawn to Chapter 17 wherein Kim Pauline shared her story and struggles with feelings of despair. She allowed us to share her journey from keen observation to evaluation and testing leading to a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment. This was all accomplished not in the abstract but in real-life feelings, symptoms, and understanding of the interplay of our various organ systems. All of us have no doubt heard the expression, “No means no.” After reading Pauline\’s article I now KNOW that “No” also means “NO”–that is, Nitrous Oxide! NO is an essential facet of the healthy functioning of critical organ systems. By taking to heart her advice on how to easily increase the “NO” in our diets we can ultimately say “YES” to a healthier foundation for our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Each of us can greatly benefit from the wisdom set forth in this great addition to the library of pro-active self-care.


Jeannine Rivers Colburn

5.0 out of 5 stars Self-Care Redefined!

I am a Mental Health Advocate and a Suicide Attempt Survivor. I am big on self-care. Most people think of a simple pedicure, or getting your hair and nails done as self-care. Real self-care is nurturing your mind, body, and soul. Returning your mindset and spiritual wisdom in an effort to transform your life., using your life encounters and experiences to become a changemaker for a better world, and realizing that success is a divine blessing that lifts all limitations. Thank you, Patti Talbot, I will never look at a beautiful tree the same and if I ever have a big fall I will look at it as a beautiful way of slowing down to just BE and reflect. This book changed my life and gave me some big Aha Ha moments.

Available on Amazon with a 4.8-star rating and over 50 reviews! Pick up a copy today.

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Give the gift of Achievement, to yourself and those you love. And once you have picked up a book, get a with our compliments!

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