The Quantum Field and the Akashic Records: Are They the Same?

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Is the Quantum Field just another term for the Akashic Records? The eternal quest of both scientists and spiritual seekers has been to find the place that holds the secret to life. The place with all the answers. Could the Akashic Records merely be the answer physicists from Galileo to Einstein have been hunting for throughout the centuries?

The eternal search

Scientists and laypeople alike have been searching for thousands of years for the place that holds the “secret” of life. Often called the Cosmological Constant Problem, it goes by different names. But it all comes down to understanding the mystery of creation and life.

Many of our most advanced minds posit the answer exists in the vacuum created by the theory of zero-point energy. As for me, I have a different name for the place where all of the answers reside. I call it the Akashic Field.

A brief history of the word “Akashic”

The history of the term Akashic is complex, but the belief that there exists a place where all is known is simple. From the Moors to the Tibetans, the Hebrews to Indian sages, most cultures have contained a sect that knows each soul has its own library that holds every detail of its existence. More importantly, they developed methods of properly attuning oneself in order to access this information.

Although the concept is ancient, the word Akashic wasn’t coined until the 19th century and stems from the Sanskrit word akasa, which means sky, ether, or space. Nostradamus asserted that his ability to access this place, which he claimed to do through the Greek Oracles, is what enabled his accurate predictions. Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Cayce are two of the more well-known modern philosophers who accessed the Akashic plane to further their work as spiritual explorers and healers.

My history with the Akashic Records

I was born with a spiritually curious heart, and as a young child, felt connected to something greater. Although it felt confusing at times, I had memories from before I was in the body I now inhabit, and I knew the bliss and peace I felt at times was not of this world.

My parents weren’t religious, and although I attended services at a Universal Unitarian Church for a while, I never found the answers to my big questions, like “why are we here?” As a teen, I began to read books by teachers like Baba Ram Das and Carlos Castaneda and was introduced to concepts like past lives. This knowledge, along with my meditation practice, made me feel a part of the Divine.

Then two of my best friends died within six years of each other.

I was angry and confused, and more curious than ever about the “WHY?” of our existence. I tried many paths before I met an Akashic consultant who offered to do a reading for me.

I felt like I’d come home.

I began to study the Akashic Records and started to see, both literally and figuratively, that the universe is like a hologram; that everything we do here, on this planet and in every other realm or dimension, is recorded into the holographic light library – the Akasha. Or as Hungarian scientist, Dr. Ervin László refers to it, “the A-Field.”

My commitment deepened

Three decades of studying and working in the Akashic Records has nurtured my understanding of how this information, or memory, is always available to support your soul’s plan. When I read the Records, I gain entry into the universe’s memory throughout time. It’s the same as tapping into the pages of what some call “the Book of the Life.”

Since I committed to this path, I have worked with clients from all walks of life and am still constantly amazed at the freedom and growth that comes from accessing such powerful and life-changing information, especially around family and understanding your purpose.

Erica’s story

Knowing our purpose is so important to many of us. Sometimes we want an answer so badly, we overlook the value the Akashic Records can provide before we dive in headfirst to a new venture. When Erica shared how exhausted she was after only a few months of working in a new business, I intuitively felt we needed to explore her Records before she spent any more time building her business.

She had started a consulting practice to help seniors and their families navigate the healthcare system. In accessing her Akashic Records, we learned Erica had spent many lifetimes in service to others. This habit had crossed over into this lifetime, but the Akashic Masters told her that wasn’t her purpose in this lifetime.

It took a while for Erica to change her focus, to shift how she saw herself, and step out of the role she’d played. Today, instead of feeling resentful for doing something she believed she “should.” Erica uses her creativity to bring joy into her life, and by extension, the world.

I realize my evidence and experience are anecdotal, not empirical. But thirty years of story after story, of seeing life after life changed from the information that comes from this infinite space, is enough to make me believe that we don’t need The Large Hadron Collider to access it.

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