The Sacred Space of Connection

People putting their hands together

Connection is an integral key to holding space with another.

It requires real witnessing of them and ourselves, our own triggers, pain, or raw edges. It is the difficult work of seeing another and sitting with them in their space; witnessing their moment and ensuring; No, it’s letting go of any and all urge to jump in and participate with them or even compete and compare pain for pain.

It is in the true desire to simply hold another and wipe up the messy bits as they fall, to give love regardless, and to stay present with them in that moment. There is only room enough for what they bring and for us to simply BE.

In that space, with the ego left outside like a coat on a chair – a space that is real, raw, and free from any constraint, that connection fully develops. There is no work to be done. No tool to use other than that which flows out of reverence and honor for the other. It is full and pregnant with service, only mindful of that which can be given and extended as need sees fit or not. Restraint is service as well.

The sanctity of others’ struggles and challenges, traumas, and hardships, demand those of our own be ignored. They are afforded constant attention enough, but in that Holy Space, there exists only what fits from the heart of their grief; their pain.

We learn so much in those times, and it is only the wise and brave who step in those sacred connection spaces.

Yet it is those souls who have bared and shouldered their own share, that actually carve out, build, and create comfort; as a space to be envied and fit for The Divine. Souls who add ‘cozy chairs’ and ‘fine linens’ to those sacred spaces designed to connect, uplift, and transmute the pain or grief into LOVE; they are the gift.

It is they who know and who have traveled many of their own roads alone, that see weariness and need in others. Those souls who have met with loss or struggle and sat with them as intimate friends who share a “knowing” that only comes from having wounds cared for and treated in the most tender of ways. Sacred connection is set with intention and decorated with compassion, grace, and honor for the wisdom that enters the room as the lessons speak; and they do. In that space of holy communication, shared by the experiences themselves, those in attendance are initiated into a communal weaving of thread-work that displays the tapestry of hearts in eternal lightness. Connectedness.

Sacred connection is the soul’s space of remembrance and recognition that what lives within The Other dwells within The Self. It is they that set a beautiful table, a warm fire, and a fine bed for rest, they that know and connect.

The way of connection is a grace-filled journey, that not all know how to find, and many fear to go.

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