The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Amy Camie

The #Wellness Universe #Quote of the Day by Amy Camie #WUVIP #mantra #awaken

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Amy Camie


Enjoy The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Amy and find more inspiration on her page. Here is her expanded thought…


“Awaken to Yourself” is a phrase that came to me many years ago as I began my spiritual journey. It is a mantra of inner connection when I’m tempted to look outside for answers. Below is a how it began for me, perhaps some of it may sound familiar.

Over twenty-five years ago I met my soul mate, best friend and future husband, John. He was mystical, magical and we were married on June 6, 1992.
John opened my eyes to a whole new world of crystals, energy, intuition, chakras, psychics, healers, and more. I was like a kid in a candy store ready to try any and all flavors. Our home was a literal vortex of connection and community as people learned about John and The ORIGINS Process, a system of self-discovery he was shown and directed to remember.

Unlike many others who crossed our threshold, John didn’t want this gift. He’s the biggest skeptic I know and is not one to jump on a bandwagon because it’s easy and apparent. I, on the other hand, was a sponge. Fascinated by the stories and insights others would share with me, I jumped in with both feet.
Oh, how I wanted to meet my Spirit Guides, see auras, open my 3rd eye, experience a Kundalini rush, and meditate. I’ll never forget when a woman came over, held her hands over my head and said, “Oh, I want one.” “What?” I asked. She continued with envy in her voice, “Your Highest Self IS your Spirit Guide.”  Part of me felt lucky and another part felt, “Oh, great, now who do I listen to? Me?”

Thankfully, someone else walked in to our vortex and declared, “Your Spirit Guide’s name is _______.”  I don’t even remember what they said, only that they said it emphatically.  Now I was really confused. “Am I my Spirit Guide or is this other name my Spirit Guide?” Guess I should go ask someone else.
There was no shortage of people ready to step up and tell me everything I wanted to know. Thank goodness I was married to John, Mr. Skeptic. His crass, judgmental and often times very true statements kept me grounded in myself, whether I wanted to be there or not.

One night we had several people over for a gathering in our home. I will never forget the dark woman with a French accent who seemingly floated on air. She turned to me, looked straight into my soul and asked with a voice that still sends shivers down my back, “Who Are You?”  “WHO ARE YOU?” 
I froze, then timidly answered, “John’s wife?”  “Christopher’s mother?” “My Spirit Guide?” “A harpist?”  I had no idea who I was. All I heard in that moment were the voices, thoughts and ideas I had allowed other people to put in my head. It was time for me to begin my journey of self-discovery, within myself.  

Fast forward several years…

On January 20, 2009, John and I initiated a sacred ceremony for the very first time and were guided to listen for a question after selecting each of 365 messages, one for every day of the year (the Daily Star Gem Message). We soon realized each person who reads the messages throughout the year is responsible for creating their own questions. Nevertheless, we now had 365 spiritually inspired questions and I was committed to answering as many of them as possible. Through the exploration of these questions, I traveled to places within myself I would not have accessed otherwise. 
The format for each entry is simple:
1. Message selected
2. Inspired question
3. My exploration of the question
4. Channeled message to me from my Highest Self in quotes at the end
Here is the journal entry that inspired our Quote of the Day…

“Are you prepared to awaken from your deep sleep into a new and exciting life?”

Today I feel tired, groggy, and my glands are swollen…like my body is clearing out. I feel like my body is shifting from the inside.  Choices of self-care are easier.  I “heard” to make Miso soup this morning and I did…no questioning…just listening and doing it.  I can feel my life changing, opening, awakening.  I am prepared to awaken from my sleep into a new and exciting life.  I\’ve been in preparation for this time all my life.  I know I don\’t have the answers but I am willing to take each step…one step at a time…as I continue my journey inward…towards my light of love.



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