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No one benefits if you are unhealthy. Keeping your life balanced is what our quote of the day by Anna Clark reminds us about. “Self-care stops your Energy Bank Account from going into overdraft” Anna Clark,FB/Thriving in Everyday Life

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Here is Anna\’s expanded thought on her featured quote of the day:

Do you realize your energy levels have a changing balance like a bank account? Energy deposits are the things that give us more energy – self-care activities that energize, relax and inspire. Withdrawals are the events and activities that consume energy. Activities of life can either create or deplete our energy, often they can do both but one predominates, creating a net deposit or withdrawal.

There are many ways to make deposits into your Energy Bank Account. It is not the activity itself but whether doing that activity energizes, relaxes or inspires YOU. The trick is to find what works for you and embed it as routine in your life. In this way you do not have to think about generating energy deposits; they occur regularly as part of your daily and weekly activities.

Maintaining a positive balance is critical to ensure you don’t regularly find yourself in crisis and managing an overdraft – just trying to get back to zero. Keeping a healthy positive balance will help you to thrive in life instead of just surviving.

It may seem counter-intuitive but at times of extraordinary demand, more than ever, making energy deposits is critical. When you are deep in overdraft the only way out is to make enough deposits. Self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Be kind to yourself; give yourself permission to take time for self-care. Be kind to others; encourage them to take time for self-care. Everyone benefits.

– Anna Clark

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