The Wellness Universe Quote of The Day by Babz

Motivational Monday Quote Of The Day
Motivational Monday Quote Of The Day

The Wellness Universe feature quote of the day comes from the wonderful Babz. Empowering, uplifting and shifting your perspective to the positive …. “Don’t let life\’s challenges harden your heart, let them empower your mind, renew your spirit & strengthen your SOUL” ~ Babz

Barbie WU 28

Barbi has a beautiful expanded thought on her original quote of the day:

It\’s is so easy when life throws those curve balls at us to get caught up in the angst of what is going on that we forget how resilient the human spirit can be.

The old saying \’everything happens for a reason\’ or \’Sometimes the wrong things happen, so that the right things can be brought to light.. can often bring little comfort to us when we are feeling defeated, hurting, struggling or in pain. If anything it can make us more annoyed. Bad things do happen to good people.

There is always a learning from those experiences, maybe some awareness that needs to be shown to us. We can\’t change what we are not aware of.

Perhaps it\’s about setting healthy boundaries so that we can keep an open heart & positive mindset. Perhaps its learning to let go of the pettiness and purposeless things around us, forgiving ourselves and others or the inner judgements we use against ourselves preventing us moving forward and keep us stuck in fear.

By staying connected to our mind, body and spirit, and listening for the teachings we can grow and learn to tackle life\’s challenges with much more awareness, empowerment and strength than we had before.

Keep your head up, walk with hope in your heart and strength in your Soul… Thank you Member of The Wellness Universe

~Barbi Murle


Thank you once again Barbi – For more please visit her page


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