The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Barbara Pryor-Smith

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Barbara Pryor-Smith

The best way to handle a misunderstanding is always through love. Our quote of the day helps us to think about how we best handle and resolve matters from a positive place.

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We are all familiar with the discomforting encounters of loved ones who misunderstand one another, in which one fail to grasp the experience of the soul of the other. In these instances, a person is perhaps looking only at how they themselves feel wronged in some way, or how the other’s actions are judged as deserving of reproach. We assume the role of judge and jury, rather than of ‘loved one’.

Of course none of us should accept the role of doormat, a disservice to everyone. But we can view things with clarity when we remove judgment from the situation, and regard the other person as a soul, who’s actions demonstrate a struggle within them. This is the point where love returns, and a desire to allow some healing. In such a circumstance, we either gain insight to the pain of that soul, or an appreciation of the fact that the place that person inhabits on their journey is different from yours. Whether it is resolved by some distance, or a closer connection than before, is of less consequence than the beautiful fact that it is resolved in love and of course, acceptance.

We all are endlessly grateful when we are loved and understood, would you agree? So let us brighten our world by doing the same for others. – Barbara Pryor-Smith

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