The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Don Shapiro

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Don Shapiro

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Reflect for a moment on how we start doing new things or more of the things we weren\’t doing enough of or change what we were doing. It often starts with our becoming aware of something that wasn\’t on our radar screen. The first step in improving ourselves in any way or addressing a problem we face begins with new awareness.  

Once we become aware of something, it changes everything. We start paying attention to it. Thinking about it. Learning more about it. Evaluating what we have been doing with this new awareness in mind. From that moment forward, we can never be the same because this new awareness affects how we see ourselves and everything around us. 

You are a gigantic bundle of potential ready to be unleashed. No matter what you have accomplished, you can always do more and become more than you are. This isn\’t simply about major life and career events. Even things that involve our everyday relationships and things we want to do better are affected by our existing awareness of ourselves and others.  

Are there unresolved issues with one of your family members? Is there something you\’ve wanted to do but didn\’t feel you could do it? Has there been any changes in how you physically feel that you\’ve noticed but dismissed? Has something flared up between you and one of your long time friends? Has there been a slight sense of sadness about something that you haven\’t addressed? Have you found yourself more frustrated than normal about your kids lately? Do you appear to be at a dead end with your career but don\’t know where to go from here? 

Whatever is going on in your life right now, it is that way because of your current awareness about everything. You may have been trying to find solutions to no avail. Or you may not have been taking something seriously enough. The brick walls you face or not paying enough attention to an issue is simply based on the sum total of all the knowledge and experience you have had in life up until now. 

The moment you expand your awareness, it changes you and everything around you. If you learn more about yourself, that may help you deal with family, friends and kids in a different way than you have in the past. If you step back from your emotions long enough to learn more about your family, friends and kids, that new awareness may also alter how you relate to them. As you become more aware, you change and that changes them. 

If you start paying close attention to your body so you can connect physical changes to specific things such as what you are eating, how much water you drink, your level of exercise, the stress in your life and so on, you are now expanding your awareness. That may lead you to look into this further. As your awareness grows, it will lead you to change some things you are doing in order to address the physical changes you noticed. 

All of this and more unleashes your potential to become a better person, better leader and better parent. New awareness can awaken you to talents and interest you didn\’t know you had. More awareness can give you the inspiration to pursue something you\’ve always wanted to do but only dreamed about. 

The only limits you face exist in your own mind. No matter what challenges you face, frustrations cross your path or things you\’ve wanted to do, new awareness is often the first step to make things happen. Deliberately seek out new awareness. Don\’t wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.  

The more actively you pursue new awareness in your life, the more great things will start to happen. Today, find something, anything that you can become more aware about. Get in the habit of expanding your awareness every day and discover your true potential.

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