The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Monica Jones

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Monica Jones

Such wonderful advice, Monica\’s original quote is our feature quote of the day. Read her expanded thought for more of her enlightening wisdom.

Monica Jones WU 44

I think it is time to stop suppressing what in the spiritual world is called “The Ego”.

Yes, we are spiritual beings. Yes, we are much more than our bodies.

However we are having a human experience. That means we MUST embrace this experience that includes allowing the ego to be heard. In my early days of spiritual awakening, I have tried to suppress the ego, believing that the emotions and thoughts that were derived from this place would stop my evolution and would make me “less spiritual”.

I now see the ego as an avenue that will take me to exactly those places I need to heal and transform. Those places are nothing but parts of our un-heard self that may have been hurt in the past; most likely in our childhood.

So instead of punishing or trying to push the ego away, let’s hear what it has to say. Let’s heal the ego, so we can heal that part of ourselves too.

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