The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Estelle Bonaceto

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Estelle Bonaceto

Today\’s quote of the day comes from Estelle Bonaceto. She calls upon Archangel Gabriel to help her with her expanded thought on her quote. Read below to see the message she was guided to deliver.

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Inspired by Eileen Anglin I called on Archangel Gabriel and did some automatic writing.

It is promised that all shall receive and know what is intended for them to know at precisely the right time for their evolution. Take peace in this comfort and know that it is true.

Patience can be defined as one\’s ability to avoid upset, anger or despondence during times of suffering, set backs or difficulties. People of action and intensity, not surprisingly are presented with more opportunities to practice this seemingly counter intuitive virtue and many high achievers, especially those passionate about helping others, experience some annoyance with \’divine timing\’. So what if you had all the answers to any and all questions, today? What might that look like? Honestly, reflecting on my own evolution… I\’m pretty sure that would look like my ninth grade Algebra class ….that is, I missed the foundation presented in 8th grade math because of absences, so arriving one level up meant I was more than a little lost. Our evolutionary path is unfolding perfectly! The timing of our knowing is more beautifully and artfully put together than the greatest of all synchronistic masterpieces. New awareness and shifts in perspective occur precisely at the time we are ready to receive; helping us to heal, make the best of opportunities and grow in ways we may have never envisioned.

Two major points to keep in mind. First, by trusting your inner promptings, the \’vibes\’ or impressions you get moment by moment, you\’ll be steered in the direction toward your highest good. Equally important, is to pose questions to your higher self, god, guides, the universe and then be open to receiving the answers. What you\’ll receive WILL be what you need to move forward.

Here are a few daily practices to help you maintain solid connections with your guidance.

  • Stay in close connection with yourself, pause and “check in” regularly; recognizing when your inner being is feeling distress and when it\’s relaxed and at ease.
  • Do this often, to establish greater knowing within your inner life and that hard wired \’gut\’ response will be on the mark.
  • Notice the synchronicities in your life that are illuminating your path and reassuring you when your headed in the right direction.
  • Connect your inner guidance to that which you receive through your \’divine\’ communications; acknowledging match between what you receive inwardly and that which comes from other sources.
  • Trust you will receive the guidance that is most pertinent and needed at any given time.
  • Give thanks for what you receive and be sure to be your own best supporter when you achieve certain milestones or significant shifts in awareness.

Most importantly, the promise is this; you are NEVER ALONE during times of confusion or duress and your most important insights will not be a moment too late.

Thank you Estelle. For more, please visit

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