The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Kimberley Jones

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Kimberley Jones

A beginning? An ending? Both? And they can both be quite scary! Thank you Kimberley Jones for your expanded thought below delving into this journey with enlightenment.

Kim Jones WU 48

If there is one thing certain in life it is change. So we’d best get really good at it.

Life is full of endings. Birth. Death. Divorce. Redundancy. Illness. Financial crisis.

Maybe we feel afraid, rejected or feel like a failure. So we fight really hard to hold on to what was.  

But what if every ending is actually a new beginning? What if we can breathe through the changes and allow the unfolding of what will be….

For example for a foetus safe in the womb the birthing process is the end of everything, but it is also the start of a new life adventure here on Earth. Death is the end of the physical experience as we know it but our soul goes on and we experience the next adventure and eternal life in the arms of our Creator or future incarnations. 

Divorce or the end of a relationship while utterly devastating may be your soul helping you find the happiness you have been secretly, silently wishing for and the happiness that your soul knows is possible for you. We hold on so tight feeling guilty or like a failure and it just makes the process harder. What if we can let go just a little bit and trust the process? What if true happiness is trying to find us through someone new or from being on our own for a while and standing in our own true power?  

Redundancy or financial crisis whilst deeply challenging can be the end of one way of life and the start of a new one. Less and loss do NOT equal failure. It can be a liberating opportunity to create our own life on our own terms and aligned with our true purpose. Maybe our true happiness depends on us living more simply and valuing who we are and our inner gifts and relationships rather than focussing on outer belongings or social status?  

Illness may be an invitation to slow down, soften, go within and live a more authentic life that truly works for us, rather than trying to keep up with the demands and expectations of others. 

The end of one way of life is always the beginning of a new one. When we can find the courage to let go of our old life, we open the door to more happiness and abundance than we can ever imagine.  

Any ending is an invitation to believe in ourself more, to trust our infinite capacity to not only survive but thrive. It is an opportunity to get really good at surfing the waves of big life shifts so we can shine.  

Change is always the answer to a question we forgot we asked. It is always an opportunity and a blessing in disguise. We just need to be willing to see that.

When we resist what is happening it just makes things harder.  

So my friend, when you face an ending, take a deep breath into that fear, plant your feet and believe in yourself, trust the flow of your life, trust that higher/deeper part of life that is helping you in a way you can’t see or understand yet. Trust the process. 

The end may be just the beginning….

Thank you Kimberley Jones for this enlightenment. For more, visit


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