The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Rhonna del Rio

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Rhonna del Rio

Perception is everything. Upon which criteria are we perceiving though? Happiness, for example. Rhonna expands on her quote of the day below … Profound and enlightening!

Rhonna del Rio WU 47

If someone asked you – Are you happy? Do you reply using the context of that very hour when you were stuck in traffic? Or perhaps in the context of that week when your heart got broken or something even worse. Possibly, you will refer to the month when you fell in love again and things felt on track? Maybe you reply and refer to that year when you completed your degree and felt accomplished? Happiness is not defined or divided by the circumstances of challenges or triumphs of our lives. We go through life between feeling lifted and feeling deflated but, I believe, happiness is not only a feeling because feelings come and go. Happiness is a light that can only be found within; a light that is unshakable by temporary things or other people outside of our being.

Find a grown-up who just got a promotion or won something they wanted to win so much and sit him or her next to a child with an ice cream cone on a hot summer day; I’d like to believe that both will share a common ground in celebratory moment of feeling joy. Find a child who inadvertently let the balloon go and sit this child next to grown up whose heart just got broken by his or her lover; the child and the grown-up will share in the feeling of loss and equally feeling the pinch in the heart. Happiness is something we cannot scale in inches or feet or counted for only one day or one year and it absolutely cannot be compared with two circumstances of two unique people. They say never to compare our first chapter with someone else’s twentieth chapter in any form of journey (and for fellow yogis out there – especially on the yoga mat!). Find happiness within and not from others.

“Happiness cannot be scaled, counted or compared; it is a way of being.”

May we anchor our happiness in something constant…like the beating of our heart!

In Happiness,

Rhonna del Rio

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