The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Sandra Starnino-Lonardo

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Sandra Starnino-Lonardo

We hear \’change is good.\’ So why do some get nearly paralyzed at the thought of changing? The quote of the day and expanded thought comes from Sandra Starnino-Lonardo. Thank you Sandra. Read more below….

Sandra Starnino-Lonardo WU 46


Change challenges us. We become comfortable with the status quo, whether good or bad. Change invokes fear of loosing control. A false sense of control supports the belief that in some way, we are predicting and determining our life outcomes. Don’t be fooled by deceptive intelligence.   Embrace change. Choose to open the doors to the new and unknown.

Change wakens our inner most fears.   I remember reading somewhere that fear is simply “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Please remember, your truth, to any changes are your thoughts, feelings and opinions of those changes. Stand tall in the power of knowing that you can choose options that are of significance to your higher greater good.   Empower yourself and know that if and when any changes become a threat to your integrity or oneness… You… can “change” that too.

The truth is, change is essential to your growth.   Just imagine a life without change. Living an entire lifetime without new beginnings, personal growth, new relationships, new homes, new destinations, new careers or new adventures of any kind.

Endless sources of divine light, love and joy awaits you here in this magical Universe.



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