The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Heather Corinne Lang

Motivational Monday Quote Of The Day
Motivational Monday Quote Of The Day

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Heather

If there ever was a thought provoking, motivational Monday quote of the day, here it is! Heather\’s expanded thought is A MUST read

Heather Lang WU 40

Thank you so much Heather, your follow up, expanded thought is life changing. Here is more from Heather:

Our life journey towards our true life purpose includes our own inner healing journey. To heal from mental, emotional, physical or spiritual issues, it\’s important to honor yourself versus getting upset with yourself. Analysis-paralysis, negative self-talk and chastising or berating your self leads to more issues within yourself, keeping yourself from healing. This is done through criticizing, comparing and judging ourselves against others. For most of our lives, the influences in our lives such as family, friends, the media and society, in general, we have learned to judge and compare ourselves against others. Women are taught they have to have flawless skin, perfect hair and make-up, a slim & fit body, be a certain height and so on. For men, they learn they have to be tough, they shouldn’t cry, they have to have a “real job”, the winner is best and so on. And, some of these may be both genders, along with commercials and advertising bombarding with us with messages of how we will be happy with this car or this computer or how we must get the perfect jewelry for someone to love us. Start adding this up, and it’s easier to see how we can judge and compare ourselves against these ideals, sometimes without even realizing it. Statements may ring through your head such as “I’m not smart enough to do that” or “I am too short” or “I will not be happy until I get that”. These statements say seem simple and harmless, yet they are sending these thoughts into your being that you are not good enough, which simply isn’t true.

If you continue to judge yourself, it is very difficult to heal. When you compare yourself against another, you are criticizing yourself. None of this is helping you heal. The “ideal” or “perfect” person simply doesn’t exist and was never meant to exist. Changing your mindset into one of loving kindness, for your own being allows you to begin changing these negative statements running through your head. Understanding how these statements are impacting how you feel and act can lead you to more self-compassion. Perhaps you may find you are overeating and when you start to love yourself for your special gifts, you may begin to realize the root issue of it. Perhaps you are over-eating as a defense mechanism to create a protective barrier around yourself so others cannot see that you have analyzed yourself into a state where no one will love you since you aren’t perfect. This is but one example, as many different ones exist for as many people exist. We are all different and that’s a beautiful thing. When you realize your root cause, you being to have more compassion for yourself, and this leads to the beginning of healing. The more you show yourself kindness and compassion, the more you love yourself. And, the more you love yourself, the more you respect yourself.

The more you are able to look at yourself from a position of kindness, compassion and respect, in each situation, to fully continue on the healing journey, the more you are able to evolve. Evolving includes the knowledge you have learned in each healing situation, which in turn brings you more understanding and eventually wisdom. This transformation allows you to not only show yourself honor, but also honor for others, as you experience different situations for you to heal within yourself. As you keep learning and growing after each incident, you will learn and grow some more. The more you learn and grow, the further along your true life path you will find yourself. And, the further you have traveled, the more opportunities you will experience to help you. You will then find the opportunities which present themselves are for your highest good for the life you were meant to live, allowing you to evolve even further into a person filled with Love and Light for yourself and everyone.

Heather Corinne Lang


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