The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Lisa

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Lisa

Our quote of the day from Lisa reminds us of the way to healing… it is through love. Read her expanded thought and create the health you want in your life!

Lisa Potts WU 36

There is abundance everywhere we look in our beautiful universe. So many forget to open their eyes so they can see or to soften their hearts so they can feel. To Be Well you only need to choose one thing… LOVE. 

Some people see the negative in every situation. Heaviness like this weighs them down, altering their energetic vibration. There is a better way… I say dive in! Get a running start, throw your entire being into everything you do. Smile more, laugh more, lighten up your heart.

Do everything with LOVE! By doing so, you will Become Well. 

*This has been a message from Above filled with LOVE.


Lisa The Hairdresser-Medium®


Thank you for this beautiful quote and expanded thought, Lisa! For more from Lisa, please visit


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