The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Katie Powell

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Katie Powell & her expanded thought

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day  by Katie Powell 115

People often tell me, but you are one person-one person cannot save the world, why are you even trying? For a while, I felt it was true as I woke up every day and went to work as a Paramedic. I would say to myself, “well…I will do my best and hope others will follow but I am only one person and one person can only do so much-not everything can be saved”. Well the universe often works in mysterious ways and one person can change the world if you open yourself up to what she has to offer.

After I rescued a Rottweiler living as a stray on a Northern Ontario Reservation who needed a leg amputation and a kidney removal, I quickly realized the need to help unwanted, injured and abandoned dogs in Canada. In the past 2 years, I have built a registered nonprofit organization from the ground up and I am proud to provide a networking outlet for many others to get involved. Many dogs are saved because of this network, but using the traditional term “saved”, some most definitely have slipped through our fingers. In my eyes, I feel “saved\’ can also be used in the way that they did not suffer when they died and their soul was saved by finding love and comfort its last few hours or days. This is a hard concept for some because of the passion and heart people have for animals.

When looking at the world through a healers eyes-one will learn to feel comfort in knowing that for every one that is traditionally saved, more will go unnoticed but in the long run more will surface and be helped if we educate properly. If we “save” and expand to education and non judgement-more will come to light and more resources will come into the mix. If positive education is used when dealing with uneducated people, the next time an issue comes up these people are more likely and willing to come forward and ask for help because we spend time educating them for the future. We cannot live in a world where we are afraid to fail. Trying only teaches you what works and what doesn\’t. Keep trying and never give up. Someone depends on your success.

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