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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Willy Nywening & her expanded thought

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Years ago, after my father-in-law tragically drowned, I became paralyzed with fear. I refused to allow my four young children, go near any water. On the way to the park, when we crossed a footbridge across a stream, they were forced to hold hands and walk in the centre of the bridge. Even when they were with responsible caregivers at the beach, fear that something would happen to them choked me. Only when they returned home safely was I able to breathe. “Stay away from the water” became my mantra. I lived in fear.

My children, knew and respected my fear. One day when they were leaving on a camping trip with their grandparents, my three year old son hugged me and said, “Don’t worry mom we’ll stay away from the water. And if we don’t, God will be there for us.” I had taught them this truth, but until that moment had not been able to live it. My son’s gift of faith, freed me from the fear of water. I still worried, but over time, I learned to enjoy the days at the beach.

Fear is a normal, natural, and even a necessary emotion. From the day we are born, we learn to fear. At times, it may even keep us safe from danger. As we live, there are many situations that may cause us to be afraid. The safety or our children, serious illness, the violence in our world, and so many other concerns may cause acute anxiety. We fear the things that create havoc and disturb the joy of living. If we let them, these feeling may rule our days. The stress caused by fear can cause a variety of spiritual and physical ailments that drain our spirits. We must decide how we deal with our fears because, these choices will determine the course of our lives.

Although fear is a natural emotion, if we allow it to grow, it can become a bad weed that can spoil and even kill the magnificence of the garden of life. When I let my fear control me it smothered and destroyed the beauty of childhood. It held me captive behind walls that shut out the positive aspects of living. Fear can distort our perspective and it has the potential to shape not only how we see the world, but also what we do and who we are.

It is naive to think that we will live without fear. However, when we choose to live in faith, we are empowered. Faith is not only knowing but also believing that there is a God that will surround us and protect us even during our darkest days. It is the reassurance that a child feels when the monsters of the night are dissipated by the loving hugs of a parent. It is the beauty of a sunrise after a long, lonely night. It is the ability to root the weeds from a garden. It is the security blanket that hugs us when we feel the most venerable and alone. Old fears may resurface, but each time we look them in the eye, armed with the assurance of faith, they have less influence. When we choose to clothe and enfold ourselves in faith, fear loses its power to control us. We are hugged and loved. We are liberated and free to be.

I still tell my grown children and even my grandchildren to “stay away from the water.” Everyone knows that it means, be careful. It means, I trust you will be safe. It means that I choose to live in faith that they will be well.

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