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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Kimberley Jones & brilliant expanded thought

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day Kimbersely Jones 109

Have you ever been called “too sensitive”?

Or ……

Do you often find crowds or driving overwhelming?

Do you know what others are thinking and feeling?

Can you feel sounds and colours in your body?

Can you intuitively read the weather and sense the energy of animals and spirits?

Do you have flashes of knowing what another person will say or do next?

Do you have a vivid dream life?

Do you find the world generally harsh?

Do you find it harder and harder to interact with the world the way it is and have a strong sense of how it ‘should’ be?

If you have answered yes to more than one of these it is likely you are a ‘Sensitive’ or what Dr Elaine Aron terms a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’

I personally believe YOUR SENSITIVITY IS YOUR GREATEST STRENGTH but I understand it can often feel like a disability in your life.

The word ‘sensitive’ has so many negative connotations but I am here to redefine it as a term of grace, heightened intuitive power, enhanced sensory abilities, innate spiritual connection and warrior-like integrity.

Yes. That’s YOU!

WE ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR THE WORLD WE HAVE CREATED. The modern busy world has been created from the genius of the mind and the hunger of the ego. But for our bodies, nervous systems, intuitive senses and soul it can feel harsh and out of step.

Of course many people in the modern, competitive, bustling world of hurry and worry have adapted very well and indeed play the game excellently but at what cost? Often the highest price paid for this is health.

As a Sensitive myself I tried to fit into the world of \’shoulds\’ for many years, bouncing from job to job, role to role, all in an attempt to find my place, to find acceptance and to numb my sensitivity, this led to illness. Starting to honour who I really was marked the beginning of my healing journey.

For a sensitive soul to thrive they need lots of quiet time, somewhere to live where they can sit in a garden or be near nature, they need a slower and gentler pace of life. For some who are all wrapped up in the driving and striving mindset this simpler life might look like it is ‘less than’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We sensitives are the ‘canaries down the mine’ so to speak. How our bodies and hearts respond to life is a clue to what is and isn’t in alignment with what the human soul really needs to be happy and healthy. We can literally feel how the world is not working.

So I invite you to understand, embrace, nurture and celebrate your sensitive nature for you are a gift to the world.

How? How are you as a sensitive soul a beautiful gift in this world? How is your sensitivity a strength?

Sensitives feel, see and know what others do not. This is your power and your gift to the world.

As a Sensitive you represent the future. Human brains and biology are evolving, consciousness is evolving. How you experience and perceive the world is what others are growing towards. You are there already.

Without the sensitives we would not have the beautiful art, music and poetry that has enriched lives over generations.

Sensitives make us aware of the deeper more nuanced layers of life and the beauty in the mundane.

Sensitives see inner beauty where other judge the surface.

Sensitives hear the truth behind the masks.

Sensitives help the world stay awake to love, spirit and light.

Sensitives remind others to live with an open heart, with kindness and gentleness.

My fellow gorgeous Sensitives, you are the heroes, the teachers, the way-showers.

Your journey starts with self-acceptance, loving yourself exactly as you are and seeing your sensitivity for what it really is; a gift to the world.

You are a teacher. You are leading the way to a better world. Simply by being bravely, boldly and beautifully YOU.

It is time to embrace your Sensitivity for what it really is, the new ‘superpower’!

Sensitivity, enhanced senses, expanded awareness, coherence, love, compassion, creativity, intuition, soulfulness…..these are the qualities that elevate life from mundane function to blissful interconnectedness and open the heart to Oneness. It is who you are. It is why you are here. It is your gift to the world and to our future.

Your time is now. Be out and proud!

With love and blessings,



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