The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Kimberly Bayne

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Kimberly Bayne

Didn\’t get the email? Are you sure your prayer wasn\’t answered? Our quote of the day and expanded thought from the inspiring Kimberly Bayne.

Kim Bayne 82

You pray, you ask for guidance…you listen and hear nothing. You wait and wait, wondering when are you gonna hear, when are you gonna receive your sign, your answer. You thought prayers were supposed to be answered. That God is a just God and won’t leave you hanging.

Truth is, God did answer your prayers, and you just didn’t pay attention. You weren’t listening close enough. He was whispering in your ear, but you and your selective hearing…only listening for what you want to hear, for the answers that you want to receive. But, if you just would have shut up long enough and quit your complaining with all the negative, rude comments and had little bit of Faith, you wouldn’t feel as lost and confused…You would have heard the answers.

Quiet yourself and listen, have faith, the answers are always there, they may not be the answers that you want, but they will be what you need.

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