The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Marilyn Suttle

Motivational Monday Quote Of The Day
Motivational Monday Quote Of The Day

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Marilyn Suttle

Our quote of the day by Marilyn Suttle, is followed up with an empowering expanded thought. Her mission is simple, if you are not living your potential, she helps create that \’Suttle Shift\’ for you.

Marilyn Suttle 68

Who do you trust? The people and businesses who’ve earned it? How is trust earned? As customers, you and I trust the companies that take care of us. The one’s that set things right when things go wrong. We want to know what’s happening, what’s real, and what’s going on behind the scenes. We don’t expect perfection – rather, we simply want to know we matter. Our clients want that from us too! We fall in love with the people who drop their masks and let us really see them, vulnerabilities and all. That’s a gift. It’s riveting to hear someone speak their truth. Though, insincerity is energetically repulsive. Once you’ve lost someone’s trust, earning it back isn’t always possible. It could take years. Truth builds trust. Don’t mistake truth with judgment. Telling someone they’re being “cold” is not the truth. Look for the highest quality in their irksome behavior and you may discover that the “cold” person is simply “slow to warm up to new people or situations.” Your heart has a radar that attracts you to the truth. Your heart closes to the “cold” person. It opens up to the person who takes time to establish trust.” To attract trustworthy people into your life, be transparent, share what’s real, and show you care. Remember who you are – trust-worthy.

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