The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Linda Hogan

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Linda Hogan

Thank you for our quote of the day, Linda Hogan, Grandmother, energy healer, teacher, environmentalist and author. See her expanded thought below.

Linda Hogan 67


Most people are unaware of the beauty of this planet we live on.   I once saw nature as they do. I too, looked at the world through foggy glasses and didn’t know it.

I see many who have tuned out of the natural world and are totally absorbed by technology.   Feeling unsatisfied,   but not knowing why, they continually push ahead, fearing that they are running out of time while the beauty of butterflies and sounds of laughing children pass right by them.   I’ve encountered runners on woodland paths, wearing headphones, oblivious to the symphony of bird songs. Recently I pulled to the side of the road during rush hour to watch a glorious sunset colored turquoise, purple and coral pink reflect over a small pond. It was there for less than five minutes and faded into darkness.   I was saddened   to watch others speeding by, preoccupied with aggravations of the day or what to fix for dinner, miss this magical and soul nourishing site. Running like hamsters on a wheel, we speed past the very miracles and gifts that will finally bring us peace and happiness.

When we consciously slow down our senses open and our hearts awaken. We once again see the beauty and love that constantly surrounds us. If you were to commit to sitting outside in a peaceful spot every day for a week, you would notice incredible changes   starting to take place in your life. Mother Earth shares her energy generously with you and you begin to walk with a lighter step and feeling of well-being. Depression and anger lessen as peace and happiness takes its place. Your creativity starts to flow, your vision begins to clear and suddenly you find yourself marveling at colors and patterns you never knew existed. You stop to listen to the music of nature and it fills you with incredible love.

“Yes”, you shout as you remember. “This is who I am!”

“ I AM Love, and I Am Living in the Garden of Eden.”

For more from Linda, visit her at Alternative Medicine for Everybody

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