The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Srimanju Katragadda

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Srimanju Katragadda

Healing on a spiritual level, sometimes just takes a reminder from our angels. We are being watched over and loved in a glorious way! Thank you Srimanju for the quote of the day. Please see below for expanded thought.

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Sometimes when we are at low moment a sign from heaven is just reassuring we are never alone. This happened to me several times when a dearly departed visits and shows their presence or even the presence of angels begins to comfort me and shows me physical proof that they are guiding me and watching me.

The healing is much more intense and raises your vibration so high that life can be seen from higher dimensions. In the higher dimensions there is only pure unconditional love and nothing else. Take time to recollect the time you had a healing from someone where no words were spoken just a reassurance given and that changed your day and life path.

Healing doesn’t necessarily mean that we are having health issues or mental issues, it can also mean on spiritual level. We are able to be in a present moment only when we are in sync with our mind, body and spirit.

Mind and body can be synced with a few things. We are able to connect with enjoying a walk, laughing, relaxing with a bath or blowing bubbles, to let go of worries etc.

How do we heal spirit? When a soul craves a spiritual healing, a sign and a reassurance is validating. Even when you are in a crowd you might find yourself lonely, as you didn’t feel a connection to anyone. When you express your inner soul language and you know that there is someone who can identify with you, who you are deep inside, you feel the validation in your soul. It could be a living person, loved one who passed away or an angel or a spirit guide. When a sign manifests from these spiritual beings, it can be just the miracle needed to progress you further in your soul journey and feel the healing happening.

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