The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Michael Newcomb

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Michael Newcomb

Be brave warrior! You have the power to defeat the enemy. This is more than just talk, you ARE that powerful! Our quote of the day by Michael Newcomb will have you visualizing yourself as a powerful super-hero, winning the battles of fear, negativity, doubt, with his expanded thought.

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In the territory of our own mind, we choose who comes or goes. We choose whether our allies or enemies will occupy our land, the sacred soil of our mind. Friend or foe cannot remain, except by our permission.

But many of us aren\’t even aware, that ultimately, we choose to win or lose. We choose to allow our enemies; the fear, negativity, and doubt, and other spirits of darkness, to remain, to take a foothold, by giving them a voice, by paying attention, and even empowering them, by heeding their commands. But, these cowards of darkness are illusory at best. They are powerless illusions, only gaining substance when we listen to them, and obey their commands.

We choose victory over defeat, by only allowing thoughts of victory, and faith, by believing in our dreams, by thoughts that tell us we are worthy, and capable, and thoughts of Light, and Love, yes by only allowing these to share our land, and to have a voice. We choose victory when the corridors of our minds are filled with positive, empowered, “I can do this” faith. For when the positive occupies the territory or our mind, there is no room for the enemy of fear and doubt to take hold.

But we battle a stealthy enemy, who does not give up. They hit the fence under the cover of darkness, and the clouds of the constant storms of life. They come secretly, to sabotage, to steal and destroy. Our enemy\’s goal? To extinguish our light, to steal our power, to plant seeds of doubt, derailing the mission of many a good soul, before it even begins.

We must be hyper vigilante, oh mindful warriors of light and of truth, of the enemy\’s attempt\’s to invade our territory. The enemy will not give up! Those spirits of darkness; fear, doubt, and negativity, we must recognize them as they appear, refuse them a voice and authority, and defeat them before they approach the gate. Yes, the toughest battle we will ever face, is for the territory of our own mind.

Michael Newcomb

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