The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Michele Martin

The #Wellness Universe #Quote of the Day by Michele Martin #WUVIP #thrive #abundance

The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Michele Martin


Enjoy The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Michele and find more inspiration on her page. Here is her expanded thought…


A rose may bloom where weeds will grow, yet a weed will thrive where the rose cannot.  Conditions do not make or break us from the outside; we thrive, or we suffer depending on our ability to see and make use of the resources we have within us.  Just as the soil is the medium for a plant to expand and grow, so do our experiences provide the rich compost for our personal and spiritual development. A plant takes what it needs from sun and earth through its leaves and roots; we take in our experiences through our perceptions and beliefs. However, unlike the plant that receives without judgment what it needs to grow and bloom, we may choose to sift through our experiences. Either accepting our lessons both bitter and sweet to provide our strength or taking only that which feeds the identity we desire – be it the victim, hero, pauper or prince.  But as the farmer knows that healthy crops grow from fields that have been both rotated and allowed to rest, practices that give back nutrients to the soil and allow it to replenish itself.  We too can create a healthier, more balanced life when we ventured out of comfort zones and try on new roles as well as giving ourselves the time and space to contemplate and rest.  Refreshing the sources from which we can develop and expand as a bountiful presence in our lives and in that of others.  If we insist on cultivating that single character in our life, we will fail to develop to our full potential and flourish despite the abundance that surrounds us. It is in our willingness to cultivate all of our experiences and dig deep within ourselves to fully own what lies at the root of our beliefs where we will find all that we need to thrive.


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