The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Sheri S Bessi

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by Sheri S Bessi

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The Wellness Universe Quote Of The Day Sheri S Bessi 94

In this advanced age of technology it doesn\’t seem right that so much pain and suffering still exists. Especially among our youth. 

With schools in nearly every country and especially in first world countries, it appears to defy logic. When we see mentally and physically capable youth sitting on street corners begging for money for a hostel, an emotional energy is instantly created. For many it incites thoughts of negativity and judgement. We find ourselves asking ‘why aren\’t they in school?’ ‘If they can make a sign asking for help, shouldn\’t they be able to fill out an application for a job or entrance into a college?’ 

If I could make a suggestion to you it would be this: Don\’t instantly assume these young adults have chosen with joy to be poor, hungry, without shelter, water for bathing, and true friendship. This assumption is completely inaccurate across the entire span of humanity.  

I have discovered that the better thing to do is to ask oneself what horrible thing might have happened? What terrible tragedy made living a cold and dejected life better than being at home? Do they even have parents or other family members that they can turn to? 

This earth is full of beings that are hurting. Beings that feel lost and broken. Their personal bubble of life seems to lack oxygen and they feel that they can no longer breathe. 

Simple gestures can change their hopelessness into hope and fill their life bubble with a breath of fresh air. Remember if you can, that it takes just one taste of hope to turn someones upside down world right side up. 

I know. I am living proof of how one person’s kindness many years ago changed the entire course of my life.  

So please, be kind. Validate their existence by acknowledging their presence. Smile upon them. Remind them that they matter, because in spite of their circumstances, they do. 

Sheri S Bessi , QMHA

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