Thriving: Life Beyond Abuse!

Thriving: Life Beyond Abuse! by Nicole Levac #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #BeyondAbuse

Thriving: Life Beyond Abuse!

Today’s inspiring story comes to us by Nicole Levac, from Ottawa Canada.

For the longest time, I kept my past of abuse to myself because I hated feeling like a victim in my life. I knew I wanted to change that feeling but I always thought that I had to \’fix\’ what was broken in me.

Abuse has been present throughout most of my life, some physical but mostly verbal and emotional. The scars left behind have had a huge influence on who I am.

My approach to abuse has always been to understand what part it played in my life.

When I became a mom to my twin daughters in my mid-thirties, I was overjoyed to have these 2 tiny souls brought into my life. As my daughters went from being babies to toddlers, I came face to face with what I was bringing into their lives. Abuse. It was present in my daily life, in my thoughts, and my beliefs. It became a part of their lives, too.

Being well acquainted with the lifelong effects this could have on my children, I decided to change the pattern that lived inside of me so that my daughters would not live with those same scars.

I was ready to do this deep work so that they would know me for who I am, as not only a mother but also, as a woman and a person.

Struggling with my self-worth, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through energy courses where I learned to process what I was uncovering about myself and who I was. I also needed to move in order to absorb everything that I was learning in those courses.

During that time, I discovered what would become my mentor, teacher, and best friend. Nature became my place of choice, to move and to absorb what I was uncovering about myself.  As I traveled this road to self-excavation, I went from defining myself by how others told me I should be, to finally seeing, knowing, and understanding my true self.

I knew the shell of who I was, but I grew restless not understanding the essence of myself. My adventure to self-discovery pulled me away from society and pushed me to spend time walking and meditating on trails.

I journeyed in nature until I discovered my foundation. This helped me to unlock the internal compass that would guide me to trust my voice, and my thoughts; and to be present for myself everywhere in my life.

The lessons I learned from nature showed me how to peel away my shame, guilt, judgment, and fears and step into full ownership of who I am. It also provided me with the courage to make the decision to leave my abusive relationship, care for myself and eventually meet a loving partner.

My experience as a mother, a woman, and a partner, provided the perfect opportunities for me to leave the path of self-loathing, abuse and self-destruction behind. Spending time in nature helped me to reclaim my life on my terms as I journeyed towards self-love, acceptance and inner peace.

Nature played a vital part in my journey. It was there to guide and inspire me in facing who I am.

Showing up whole and unapologetically as myself, allows me to integrate the scars of abuse that forever define who I am. Now, these scars have taken on the role of empowerment.

I always say that I did NOT overcome abuse, I learned to integrate it into who I am. Allowing me to become empowered by it. I found the inspiration to do that while spending time in nature. Every minute spent with her was proof of how she integrates everything that shows up on her path and still keeps growing.

Today, I am thriving.

If I can leave you with one piece of advice, it’s that no matter what has been part of your path, there is something about it that can empower you.

– Nicole Levac

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