Top 16 Books to Read in 2021

As we close out the dark tunnel we called 2020, many of us are holding onto the promise that 2021 will be better. With the pandemic still looming around us without a clear end in sight, now is the perfect time to focus on all things positive.

To help you get started, we\’ve compiled a list of the top books that we recommend you read throughout 2021. This is especially helpful with talks of yet another lockdown upon us. Sometimes being stuck at home has its upsides!

Here are the Top 16 Books to Read in 2021:

  1. The Other Man in Me, Erotic Longing, Lust, and Love: The Soul Calling by Sheldon Shalley


The Other Man in Me is the story of one man\’s journey to understand his bisexuality and how to reconcile his two selves—the one attracted to women and the one attracted to men and the responsible husband, father, church and community leader and the one caught in brief same-sex encounters. Drawing from both personal and archetypal material presented in his dreams, fantasies, spontaneous images arising in meditation, his art, meanings found in synchronicities, and exploring same-sex motifs found in mythology and customs and rituals of some indigenous societies, The Other Man in Me tells the story of the discovery the symbolic and spiritual meanings of same-sex attractions.

  1. On A Path to Joy, Volume 4 by Janette Stuart


This is the fourth issue in the “On a Path of Joy” volume set and it focuses on 31 daily affirmations that activate creativity and passion as well as more joy and a deeper connection to The Divine and our angels. This edition of “On a Path of Joy” is known as the creativity and passion volume and is loosely based on the second chakra, the sacral chakra, the energetic seat of our desires, passions, and creativity.

  1. 10 Minutes to a Happier You: Start Your Day in a Positive Way (Second Edition) by Terri Lynn Murphy


This book is designed to give the reader a happiness boost. Our feelings are more important than most people realize. What we think matters but what we feel matters more. In this book, there are simple exercises to be done daily in the morning in about ten minutes. These exercises are meant to start the readers\’ day in a positive way and over time will raise the reader\’s happiness level. Just ten minutes a day! Terri Lynn always says, “When you feel good, good things happen!” and that is what this book does. Gets the readers feeling good.

  1. MuZen of the Soul by Erika Laszlo


MuZen of the Soul is a modern bible of the new millennium, easy-to-read, and brief, practical tips for your life and music for your soul said a dear reader about the book. You can re-read it anytime and anywhere. It will immediately kick you out of your bad mood, and make you feel better. Exactly what you need when you want to relax and have harmony! With the help of the writings and the exercises of the MuZen of the Soul, you can rid of the limited mindset, increase your self-knowledge and your confidence in creating a life that you have always been looking for.

  1. Love Yourself Happy by Shari Alyse


Love Yourself Happy is one woman’s journey through sexual abuse, growing up in a broken home, unhealthy relationships with others, her body, and herself. Through broken hearts, wild nights of partying, spirituality lost and found, and a three-month whirlwind solo trip to Italy, you get to sit shotgun on her road trip as she takes off into the world in hopes of forgetting her past. Only to come face-to-face with the one person she was running from all along – herself.

  1. Coming Out of the Water: One HEART (Volume 1) by Stacey Siekman


Life as we know it can change in a single second. In fact, it can even be shattered into a thousand pieces. What we thought was true wasn\’t really true at all. What is truth? What is truth when the internal and external worlds collide? Stacey Siekman invites you on a self-discovery journey to find the answer to this question. Life happens when the image we see on the outside connects with our heart on the inside. The heart is life. It is our most valuable treasure, our centerpiece, our core–the only movement that sustains our life. As you learn to move from the inside out–from One HEART–you will be empowered and encouraged to H.I.T. Excellence and discover the energy, power, strength, and beauty that lie deep within.

  1. Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World by Janet Smith-Warfield


Shift is a creative tool for expanding consciousness. Through thought-provoking questions, stories, illustrations, and poetry. Shift educates, drawing out new ways of thinking about old challenges. Its purpose is to bring powerful peace to the reader and, as a result, powerful peace to the planet, one reader at a time. The book is unique in using words to look at words, meanings, human perception, emotions, and actions.

  1. Whispers from Another Room: A Mystic\’s Journey into the World of Spirit by Joy Andreasen


In her years of listening to the faint whispers of the Spirit world, Joy Andreasen paid attention. Maybe a little too much. Because when Spirit realizes you can hear them, feel them, and respond, they begin to talk more frequently. As time went on, Joy began to notice that she could interact with those who were talking. That she could deliver messages, heal hearts, and assist those transitioning in making it across to the other side.

  1. Overcoming Mediocrity – Unstoppable Women by Birgit Lueders


Overcoming Mediocrity is a project, developed by Christie Ruffino and the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc., intended to provide women with a platform to share their stories of encouragement, inspiration, and prosperity. This ninth book in the series is a unique collection of stories from unstoppable women who have overcome great odds to create their own lives of significance. These stories are aimed to inspire and encourage women to realize their true potential.

  1. Magnify Your Magnificence: Your Pathway to the Life and Relationships You Truly Desire by Marisa Ferrera


By reading this book of 28 channeled messages and following the accompanying recommended exercises, you will Connect More Deeply with Your Authentic Self, Release Past Wounds, Negative Thoughts, and Limiting Beliefs, Develop the Ability to Tap into Your Inner Guidance and Wisdom, Experience More Peace in Your Life and in Your Relationships, Learn How You Can BE, DO, and HAVE what You Truly Desire.

  1. Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman by Deborah Roth


Circle of One: The Art of Becoming a Self-Centered Woman is the user-friendly e-guide you’ve been yearning for to help you reconnect with the feminine wisdom and power that has always been yours, inside of you, at your Center.

  1. A Life to Die For: Master 10 Key Skills to Transform Your Life into a Priceless Treasure by David McLeod


This book provides you with powerful skills that will help you to rediscover and reclaim the truth of who you really are and why you are really here. As you develop and hone—and master—these skills, the shine on your life will naturally begin to resurface, and you will soon find yourself overflowing with the purpose, passion, and peace that are the hallmarks of a truly fulfilling life—A Life To Die For.

  1. Trust Again: Overcoming Betrayal and Regaining Health, Confidence, and Happiness by Debi Silber


Readers will learn about and move through the proven five stages from betrayal to breakthrough and will be lovingly guided with tools and strategies along the way. They’ll also learn how predictable healing can be as they read not only Debi’s journey through betrayal, but the stories of others who have learned to cope, heal, and move on from betrayal to a place of trust and well-being. Readers will identify with at least a few of the many people in the book who share their unique experiences. In addition, they’ll learn about the three groups who didn’t heal and be inspired to take a different course of action so that they can have a more positive outcome.

  1. Metamorphosis by Isabella MacLeod


Metamorphosis delves into the rather unusual life of Miranda Macleod, who has had a touch of the supernatural surrounding her since childhood. Miranda was leading a relatively normal life in an upper-middle-class neighborhood as a mother, wife, and nurse. When her marriage begins to disintegrate, she becomes romantically involved with a mysterious American who recently moved from California and specializes in information technology in a high-end company. She is drawn to this man like no one else before. Her world is then turned upside down, and she is thrown into total chaos.

  1. The Dragonfly Effect by Samantha Cervino


I will take you with me on my journey to self-love and self-awareness. I am sharing with you all I have learned and how my life changed completely just by adjusting a few things. It was not easy, but it was so rewarding in the end. It is an honour to share my life and insights with you to help you achieve your own personal success, wisdom, and well-balanced life.

  1. When I Lay My Hands On My Heart by Laura Sharon


Not all childhoods are magical…some have monsters. How did Laura find hope? The childhood trauma and abuse were horrific. It nearly broke her. She had worked hard at recovery. AA, Al-Anon, and SIA helped, but then the memories began to come in waves. A virtual tsunami of pain knocked her back down. She could barely get out of bed. Was there ever to be peace? You’ll love this journey of triumph, because the story is uplifting, and it may help you find your own way out of the darkness.

Thank you for checking out our picks for the top 16 books for 2021! 

Please share which one(s) you plan on reading in the comments section below!

-The Wellness Universe

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