Allowing the Universe to Give to Us

Allowing the Universe to Give to Us by Ilene Dillon #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Allowing

Allowing the Universe to Give to Us. Part 2 of a 3-part series by Ilene Dillon. Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

I’ve noticed a curious thing about people. For a person to allow something, such as a compliment, to come into them, they must have a “home” for it.

If you tell me I am beautiful, and I don’t believe it (don’t have a “home” for this), I’ll be unable to receive your compliment. If I don’t have a home for this concept, no matter how many times you offer the compliment, I’ll find a way to dismiss or reject it, not recognizing you’re attempting to give me positive energy. To allow your compliment in, what comes into me must “match” something that is already inside me.

The best way to receive help from our Universe is to give what we want to ourselves, creating a “home” for whatever might come our way from others or the Universe! (visit for more information on my work)

Receiving On-going Help

Everyone lives life based on what they believe. Beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind, making it difficult to know what beliefs we hold and how they influence our lives.

We can find out what we believe by asking for help from the Universe! When you act or have an important experience, ask: “What would I have to believe to have this experience in my life?” Keep asking until you receive your answer. Once received, your option is to keep that belief or change it.

It’s also easy to install beliefs into our own subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind cannot resist repetition. Anything that is said over and over to us, our subconscious mind takes as truth. Our life unfolds based on that truth. Tell yourself over and over what you want to believe and watch it manifest in your life.

Twenty-five years ago, after 50 years of fear and worry, I developed a belief that totally changed my life, which I want to share with you. 

First, here’s a brief story to illustrate.

In 1998, I married Bob and sold the home in which I had lived in for 28 years. There, I also had my office and a small building in my backyard where I could hold private psychotherapy sessions. When the house sold, I lost my office, necessitating I rent from someone else.

My schedule called for me to work three solid days, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Fortunately, I found an office with these days available. However, the landlady called soon to tell me someone else, to whom she had offered the office a few weeks previously, had returned to say he needed Thursdays. Firmly, she assured me I could only rent on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. This would very inconveniently require me to change my entire teaching schedule.

Both my husband and daughter expressed concern for me. “Oh, it will all work out!” I assured them.

“How can that happen?” my husband challenged.

“I don’t know. I’m interested to find out how the Universe works this out! I just know things will work out.”

That was my new belief: No matter what happens, everything will work out, not always exactly the way I’ve envisioned, but it always works out!

The more I repeated this aloud, the better things worked for me.

Three days later, the landlady called, telling me the other therapist had decided on another office, rented from a dear friend. Not only were the days I wanted to work available to me, but she reduced the cost by $50 per month!

Keep this in mind:

  • Identify for the Universe what you want and ask for help (if it’s right for you).
  • Remember: affirm and believe “Things will all work out in ways that are best for all concerned.”Feel this as reality. Don’t allow negative expectations to encroach.
  • Feel what you imagine you’ll feel like when your request is filled.
  • Be grateful when you receive the requested help.

An agent for the Universe

My son started college at the tender age of 16. Between semesters, his college offered interesting trips to Central America to learn Spanish and to South America to study fisheries. When he first returned home, I entrusted him with his passport. Two weeks later, when we started packing, he was unable to find it. It was Thursday, with just four days until his departure time. Due to work, I could not take him to the Passport Office until midday Friday. We did not know if we could get a copy of his passport, yet I persisted in believing “it will all work out.”

The agent was angry with our request to get a passport in five hours. He lectured my son. He told us we would have to wait in the building and return after 5 pm to see if he could get the passport prepared, no promises.

We went to the cafeteria. My son abhorred people yelling at him in anger and was upset. I realized the reason the man was angry was that he wanted to help us, yet was frustrated that he might not have enough time to do so! I shared this with my son.

My son went back to the office and asked for a piece of paper, writing, and sharing the finished letter with me. It was a “thank you” letter to the Passport Agent.

“I want him to know how much I appreciate how hard he is working for me, Mom,” my son told me. “And I’m acting ‘as if’ he will do it, focusing energy.”

At five o’clock we returned to the Passport Office window. The agent was still glowering. He was also holding the passport, which he handed to my son. After another admonishment, my son brought out the folded paper to hand to him. The agent took time to read it, finally sharing a huge grin. My son held out his hand and apologized to the man for putting him in such a bind.

This agent was a true emissary of the Universe!

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this series this time next week!

– Ilene

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