14 Empowering Words for 2021

Do you feel the need to change or improve on something in 2021? 2020 was a year unlike any other, which is more reason to choose a word for the year!

A word for the year is a focus word that summarizes what you need more of, what you want to focus on, or what you need to improve throughout the year.

To make things easy for you, we\’ve compiled a list of 13 empowering words that our WU World-Changers chose for the year. Be sure to read on to find out why each of them chose that specific word, too!

Here Are 14 Empowering Words for 2021:

  1. Kim Ramsey-Winkler, Practitioner/Owner of RiverEvolutions Healing, Channeling, and Coaching

My word of the year is Mindset.

No matter what else I try to do in my business, or how many articles, courses, or coaches I follow, everything starts with what’s in my head. If what’s in my head is a bunch of cruel thoughts and words from my past, I won’t make the progress I want to make. So for 2021, I’m focusing more inward to try to address those thoughts and words.

  1. Patricia Elizabeth, Spiritual Teacher/Mentor, and Creator of Integrated Soul Activations

My word for the year is Consistency.

2020 was a challenging year that took me out of the game at times. In 2021, I commit to showing up consistently in all areas of my life no matter what life throws at me.

  1. Marisa Ferrera, Author, Empowerment Coach, and Mentor

I chose a combination of two words for this year, Inspired Action.

I chose these words because I believe that by focusing my attention on listening more deeply to my inner guidance and only taking inspired action, I will attract my ideal clients with ease and will intuitively know how to best serve them.

  1. Jondi Whitis, Master Trainer, and Mentor

This year I am choosing the word, Committed.

Committed to a BETTER New Normal. Committed to pursuing self-care that fuels and evolves my abilities to write, teach, and present resources for all. Committed to sharing the knowledge and wisdom earned, in order to assist others; tools and skills for helping them clarify what causes them grief, anger, pain, or stuck-ness in their lives and careers. Committed to a Better New Normal, for everyone and every good reason. Let’s do this together! And of course, it always starts…with us!

  1. Sheila Murrey, Co-founder of Murrey Makers and Creator of The Integrated Spiral

Reverberate is my word for 2021.

I chose the word Reverberate because as we have come through a highly-charged and challenging year, and now that we are in the new year of 2021, I am integrating all I have learned and am empowered to share it with those with whom it resonates.

  1. Janette Stuart, Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles

Miracles is my word for 2021. It chose me as it began whispering to me a few months ago.

In 2019, I had pancreatic cancer. I am a miracle. I\’ve experienced and witnessed many miracles and this year I am on the lookout for them daily.

  1. Kristi Borst, Expansion and Integrative (Mind Body Spirit Emotions) Quantum Healing Facilitator

Abundance is my word for 2021.

Abundance awaits, yet WE each collapse its potential through fear, doubt, self-limiting beLIEfs, and self-sabotage. Awareness = The Power of Choice = The Power to Change! See(ze) opportunities to more fully ride life’s wave of abundance, buoyed by Self-Awareness, Trust, Inner Peace, and Love!

  1. Samantha Cervino, Life Coach, Author, and WU Ambassador

My word for 2021 is Freedom.

I chose this word because in this new year as I make new goals for myself and I am open to new opportunities I feel it is vital to have the freedom to live my life freely without attachment to the outcome as well as have time, money, and location freedom.

  1. Miché Meizner, Healer, Mentor, and Coach for Self-Love and Spiritual Awakening

My word for the year is Guided.

I want the expansion of love, the outrageous possibilities, and magical synchronicities that come when Life is living itself through you. To be guided each day requires that I be in the moment and willing to put aside the wishes of the everyday mind (small me) who wants to have her way in favor of the inspirations of my Higher Self (big ME).

  1. Deborah Roth, Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Life, and Relationship Coach, and Author

Manifesting Magic is my two-word theme (something I do every year and invite my clients to do, too!)

Much of my work involves creating rituals, meditations, videos, and articles in synch with the moon… what I call Lunar Magic. Likewise, I create magical wedding ceremonies for my couples. And embracing the pure power of manifestation is something I want to embody in all areas of my life and work this year. Then, I went on to pick the Magician as my Tarot card for the year!

  1. Olivia DeMoss, Resilience and Productivity Consultant, Stress Tamer, and Holistic Happiness Wiz

The word I chose for 2021 is Radiant.

This word came to me because it is time to come out of hiding. In 2021, I Glow with confidence, a sparkle in my eyes, and a spring in my step because of my joie de vivre (inner joy), fully embracing my role as a guide holding a lantern to cheerfully illuminate the path and brilliantly, sharing my talents.

  1. Stacey Siekman, Intentional Movement and Life Coach, and Author

My word for 2021 is Solitude.

In 2020, I set out to discover what it meant to have a Heart of Fortitude.  Well, let’s just say I was well versed in developing the mental and emotional strength to face ALL adversity. 2020 was my greatest teacher!

The one thing that I came to realize is to have a Heart of Fortitude, I need to have a Heart in Solitude. This year, I am going to go deeper into my relationship with the Lord. I am committed to setting aside time to tune-in to HIM, to hear, listen, and fully experience HIS presence each and every day. My heart; HIS ways.

  1. Diane Boyko Achatz, TCM Mastery Health Coach

My word for 2021 is BELIEVE.

This is my year; to believe in myself, to believe that I am enough! I spent so much of my life questioning my abilities, wondering if I had “enough” formal learning to find my purpose.  I questioned, I studied, I worked through all those years until I discovered my purpose, my passion, and mission; and now I BELIEVE. I Believe I am enough, and every additional experience I add to “enough” is just the icing on the cake.

  1. Ashley Brewer, WU Blog Manager, and Recovery & Mental Health Advocate

My word for 2021 is Organization.

I chose this word because I live a very busy life and staying organized often falls to the bottom of my list. Because of this, I find myself feeling overwhelmed and procrastination takes effect. By keeping organization at the forefront of my mind, I will have:

  • More “me time”
  • Decreased stress
  • More productivity
  • Improved Health and Well-being
  • A clean space to be proud of

What is YOUR empowering word for 2021? Please share it with us in the comments section below!

-The Wellness Universe

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