Are Toxic Thoughts Dooming Your Efforts?

Are Toxic Thoughts Dooming Your Efforts by Rochel Marie Lawson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ToxicThoughts #Thoughts #Toxic

Make no mistake: we choose our own thoughts.

There’s nobody sitting behind you with a gun pointed at your head telling you to think certain things. There’s nobody threatening to kill you if you don’t think you’re worthless, incapable, and not up to the job.

Nobody’s forcing you to think miserable thoughts, so why are you thinking them? I know that it’s an uncomfortable thing to hear because we’re human beings. We’re trapped in a prison of weak flesh and most people would love to have somebody or some situation to blame for the way they think. The cool thing is that you have no one to blame for your thoughts but you.

The only thing that you can choose are your thoughts, and your thoughts are the foundation of your reality. They are the lenses you use to interpret your reality. They are how you perceive the world around you. They’re not forced on you. You’ve voluntarily created them, the good, the bad, and the toxic thoughts. However, you always have a choice in that creation.

How Do You Fight Toxic Thoughts?

How do you fight back against your toxic thoughts? It all boils down to being more mindful. Being mindful means paying attention to how your thoughts make you feel. If your thoughts make you feel happy and at peace that is great and it is exactly where you want to be. If your thoughts make you feel bad, tight, tense, upset, angry, sad, or depressed they are toxic to your mind and your body. What is in your mind always flows into your body. If you have a mind full of toxic thoughts, your body will eventually be filled with toxins as well.

When you have a thought, and when you have checked in with your body and discovered that the thought is toxic by the way it is making you feel, it is in this moment that you have the power to change the negative feeling in the body to a positive feeling. This occurs by shifting your thoughts to one that makes you laugh, smile, feel at peace, and resonates love in your heart, body, and mind. You will actually feel lighter and more vibrant as you allow the positive thought to erase the toxic one.

Sometimes the toxic thoughts that float around in our head actually belong to others who may be in our presence.

One way to determine if the thought is that of another person is to become mindful and see if it is actually coming from within you and your brain or if it is on the surface swimming around you like a shark swimming around its prey. If it is swimming around you, then it is the thought of someone else and you can stop it in its tracks by taking a few deep breaths, touching your abdomen, and placing your feet firmly on the ground in a sturdy stance and grounding yourself. As you exhale, allow the energy of the toxic thoughts to flow down through you into the ground.

The best thing that you can do is to stop toxic thoughts in their tracks before they invade your mind. If you keep them from forming in your mind, you will be able to maintain a sense of balance and peace at all times. You always have control of what you think and the power to choose your thoughts or change them at any time. When you take ownership and control of this fact, you have the power to change your life. You really do.


Because when you actively release the toxic thoughts and make your thoughts work for you instead of against you, you become unstoppable.

Wishing you peace, wellness, and tranquility.


– Rochel

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