The Magic of Intuitive Writing

The Magic of Intuitive Writing by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #IntuitiveWriting

Writing is a healing tool, and when you combine it with a meditative kind of body-centered awareness practice, the result is quite astounding.

It becomes a way to shift your energy, get clarity about your life, and a tool to overcome your fears and go for the joy. Over my twenty-seven-year career as a healer, I’ve dabbled with many different kinds of holistic therapies, modalities, and practices. I’ve studied ways to feel better in mind, body, and soul. And during those studies and explorations, I was always journaling. Journaling turned into writing and blogging later on when I opened my own business. And writing turned into becoming an author, as the messages developed and grew inside me.

When I started combining the awareness tools, I’d learned with the writing process, something really cool started to happen. It was like I was seeing my truth, the real me, on the page. Wounds began to heal as I gave witness to them with tiny black symbols. And a passion grew for learning how to express my authentic self to the world in a bigger way.

I call this kind of writing Intuitive Writing. It’s also been called automatic or free writing.

Not everyone will feel the inspiration to write for the world to read. Sometimes just journaling your innermost world is enough of a transformation. And the power behind this tool has been documented in several studies that show how “Narrative Therapy” really works to help you heal and even boost the immune system.

The other practice that’s been studied is the power of handwriting to boost brain function. I’ve been disappointed watching my kids move through elementary school and on to high school realizing that somewhere along the way they stopped teaching handwriting in school. The connection from your hand and pen to your heart, soul, and brain, evidently, is powerful.

As I started to develop my healing programs, I began to teach people how to connect to the body before and during writing. And how to use this Brave Healing method and Intuitive Writing to focus on enhancing intuition, gaining clarity, and even strategizing the next move in life or business. The more I practiced and the more I taught the tools, the more interesting it got.

In 2015, I wrote 65,000 words to Feng Shui my soul.

After I typed the last period in that document, I realized that I’d cleared a massive space inside of me for my connection to something bigger, to my creative flow to move through me. Just like physical decluttering, I was clearing and cleaning out my insides. And the feeling of spaciousness was real. After that, my latest book, Brave Healing, a Guide for Your Journey moved through me. And dare I say, it felt easy.

I learned how to connect to the place where the writing would just move through. That place people say they “channel” their information; it felt like that. Intuitive writing has become my steadfast tool for this process of creating, whether it’s words, books, or business plans.

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(PS, you’re all healers!)

– Laura

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