Visibility Breakthrough: Find the Root of Your Visibility Block

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As a world-changing wellness entrepreneur, you know you need to spread the word about your business.

Yet sometimes you may find yourself putting off creating your next video, experiencing writer’s block, or avoiding reaching out to potential clients or promotional partners. This happens even with established leaders, published authors, sought-out speakers, and master healers with whom I work. I’ve also seen it come up for clients who are no strangers to healing and transformation.

My client, health coach Barb, for example, was so excited about overcoming her struggles with health and weight loss, and healing her wounds around that struggle, that she wanted to write a book about her wellness journey and transformation.

Although she’d gone to a writer’s retreat before we began working together, she still felt blocked when it came time to put her pen to paper. During my Inside Story program, she received a container of energetic, emotional, and practical support to find and powerfully tell her core story. The real magic for Barb came from not just exploring and writing about what happened to her throughout her journey but the deeper emotional impacts of what happened to her. She was able to do this with a guide and group that witnessed and heard her without judgment.

Barb’s writer’s block had little if anything, to do with not knowing how to write and much more to do with the fears and inner resistance we all grapple with when it comes to opening our hearts and expressing our true selves. That’s a vulnerable place, especially if you’ve experienced times in your life when you shared feelings and truths that were rejected, judged, or ignored.

By being committed to transforming her visibility block, Barb found the courage to shift out of the default energy keeping her invisible and rise into making creative decisions from her highest expression. Upon completing our work together, she’d drafted her book within a few days and began leading wellness workshops supporting women committed to transforming their health, body, and lives. Her fear shifted into purpose and her procrastination shifted into meaningful action.

Sometimes our visibility wounds show up when we’re creating. Sometimes they show up when we’re promoting. They even show up when our business is going the way we want it to.

Here’s what those wounds might look like when they come up for transformation:

  • You’ve written a book and you’re not excited about promoting it or you’ve stopped promoting it altogether.
  • Your new content didn’t get the response you’d hoped for and you’re scrambling to figure out and fix what you think you did wrong.
  • You have work that you want to put out into the world, but you keep hitting roadblocks and stalling.
  • You avoid following up with people because you don’t want to bother them.
  • Your website and social media have very little photos of you on them.
  • You avoid talking about the most potent aspects of your work because you’re afraid people will think you’re “crazy.”
  • You don’t ask for help or hire support, even when you have the financial resources to do so.
  • You’re a great speaker who can close the room but you feel you need to put your life and business on hold so you can (over) prepare for each engagement.
  • You shy away from expressing your perspective about topics other people aren’t willing to talk about.
  • People are actually wanting to give you money to work with you, but you avoid inviting them to have a sales conversation with you.

If you’re experiencing resistance around being visible, even if you’re no stranger to visibility, first I want you to know that you’re normal. If you see yourself in these behaviors and they’re bogging you down in your business, then take some time to journal and reflect upon them today.

Ask yourself:

When was the first time I put myself out there?

What happened when I did that?

How did that experience make me feel?

What did I believe about myself because of those feelings?

What do I now see or understand about that experience that I have not seen or understood before?

Your work matters and you are fully responsible for making it matter to the people you are here to support along their journey. That does not mean you have to traumatize yourself in the process of making your message, mission, or movement more visible. It simply means daring to get curious about the things that stop you in your tracks along your own path.

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