Emergency Relief & Reset – The Physiology of Stress and Stressful Events

Emergency & Relief Reset - The physiology of stress & stressful events

The Physiology of Stress and Stressful Events with Jennifer Whitacre Gardner

The Wellness Universe supports your emotional and mental health wellness journey. In March 2022 an event was dedicated to serve you with wellness experts, information, and self-care tools to get you through these extraordinary times of stress, grief, loss, anxiety, and fear. 

Today we are featuring Jennifer Whitacre Gardner, Trauma Specialist, Empowerment Strategist, Experienced Tour Guide into the Subconscious Realms. She shares a simple self-care tool in this video. Her segment comes from Emergency Relief & Reset, Emotional Repair & Resilience for Turbulent Times made a significant impact on those coping with stress and anxiety and we hope it helps you too.

We have all experienced moments of overwhelm in which an emotion gets too big and takes over. The \’too big\’ emotion clouds our thinking, and we might find ourselves saying and doing things we later regret. These experiences can feel out of control and leave us questioning ourselves. What are these moments about? What\’s happening?

Jennifer Whitacre, Trauma Specialist, Empowerment Strategist, and Shadow Guide explains the organizing principles of the brain to give an understanding of the physiology behind these \’out of control\’ emotional moments.  There\’s a biological reason why our critical thinking goes offline and we become reactive.  By understanding the physiology of why and how this happens, you gain a valuable tool in knowing how to manage it the next time, and there will be a next time. It\’s how we\’re built. It\’s important to discern whether we are faced with a real or perceived threat, and in many cases, the threat is what is perceived, not reality. To begin managing this, Jennifer shares a Help Now! tool that helps calm your emotions enough to start thinking more clearly. Be sure to practice it so you can prime your brain to remember it the next time you\’re faced with a perceived threat.  Want to learn even more Help Now! tools? Reach out to Jennifer at [email protected]

Thank you for watching. We hope this helped. 

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